Smoking in Williamson County

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Mar 19, 2014
   I recently move to Southern Illinois (Marion,IL) and purchased a weber performer gold, I always enjoyed grilling food and would like to smoke meats. I invested in a thermoworks thermometer,graycort cast iron inserts ( still on the way), the great meat cookbook by Bruce Aidells, Any advice or recommendations from the forum would be geartly appreciated. I am new to smoking meats.
Initial advice would be to lose the CAPS....then, sign up for the free smoking meats course offered here. Welcome to the SMF where most, if not all, of your smoking dreams can/will come true. Whatever your meat interest would be just type that into the handy dandy search bar above for numerous threads to appear, most with pics and lots of info, for you to go over and make notes to incorporate into your first smoking endeavor. Most of us have started with cheap chicken parts to experiment with, then maybe ante up for a pork butt, which is very forgiving of errors, before going for the more expensive cuts of brisket or ribs. HTH's.....enjoy your new adventure......Willie
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Howdee Jman!  Get ya a fresh cup, kick off your shoes, put your feet back and relax. The search engine is an abundance of info, the forums are great and meat specific, the threads are usually relaxed and informative, some have Q-view. Its pretty easy to motivate around and find something that you either specifically want to cook, or be inspired by someone else's achievements.

The key here is respect, as in all things there is always multiple ways to achieve a goal, if you don't agree or have a different way, remember to respect another's idea or opinion  even if you know they are wrong. I realize that I am the only one that is always right here..... I 'll let others voice their opinions also. LOL

Smoking unlike grilling is all about patience, its 20% preparation, 5% plain ole luck and 75% patience. Just use your common sense and you'll figure out nearly anything. The cave men did it.

My biggest suggestion to you, get a log, journal, notebook, pad, flash drive, etc... and dedicate it to smoking. Keep note of each smoke, you know, the who what when where why and the results, then after what you'd like to change the next time to cook it. Kind of like in the military a sniper's kill book. You'll appreciate it when you knock that home run and 6 months later would like to do it again for the in-laws for the holiday.

Well nice meeting you.

Remember to have fun, no stress, and enjoy the smoke.
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Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   
[/h3][h3]  [/h3][h3]Gary[/h3]
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