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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by michael maynard, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Hey folks!

    I'm Mike and I've been smoking delicious food in Lawrenceville GA for over a year now. My old man got me into it, so we always bounce ideas off of each other and the Facebook group My Masterbuilt smoker.

    A little more info about myself, I'm 28 years old, served in the Navy as an Aviation Structural Mechanic for 4 years and saw 2 deployments, 7 months to the Persian Gulf and 6 months to South America. Went to school and now I'm a Software Engineer at Careerbuilder. (go figure, right?) 

    I have a MES40 and an Akorn and between the 2 I couldn't be happier. I primarily smoke on the MES40 because come on, it's so easy. I've done a metric ton of pork ribs, mostly spare, some baby back. I've done a fair share of pork butts. I make jerky on occasion too using Jeff's rub/recipe. I also love me some reverse sear ribeye and smoked beef ribs!

    I've catered a few things so far. I made 9 racks of ribs for a buddies 50th birthday and on my girls fathers birthday we had a whole slew of bikers over. I had to feed over 30 folks. I got to make 2 pork butts, 1 injected with cherry Dr. Pepper, another with apple juice, baby back ribs, and smoked hamburgers in the Akorn. Also, last thanksgiving I made a maple turkey for the family. Brined it, covered in maple syrup, coated with rub, smoked for 3 hours and.....finished it in the fryer!!! 

    In the future I'm looking at doing some pulled beef, some brisket, and my current endeavor is making maple bacon. That was one of the main reasons I joined but I have a separate post for that.

    I don't know any folks who have been smoking for a long time around here. I have a few guys at work that are at about the same level as myself, an experienced novice lol. 

    Also, just a fun fact, I wrote test code when I first started at Careerbuilder and became known as the "QAKing". Once I started bringing in my BBQ, mostly ribs, pulled pork and beef jerky, I became known to everyone as "The BBQAKing." I can only think of a couple things better than sharing delicious food with folks....[​IMG]
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    Hello Mike, welcome to you.

    First off let me say thank you for your service to this great nation.

    You sure got some good lookin' 'que there.

    Glad to have you hanging out with us.


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    Welcome to the forum, Mike!

    That's some delicious looking Q your putting out there!

  4. [​IMG]   Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a sunny and hot day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

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    Welcome to SMF.   Oh and BTW, glad to see we share the same last name.........

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    Hello Mike,

    My name is Marlon and I live in Lawrenceville,GA area to...near Gwinnett braves stadium. Just bought a smoker....a relatively inexpensive Charboiller chargriller smoked. I have smoked ribs, briskett and chicken all came out tough with the exception of chicken so looking to learn some more about smoking. I work for a technology company based in California and Russia and have been to Russia three times.

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