Smoking Boston Butt during a March Snowstorm in Denver

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Original poster
Mar 15, 2006
Denver, CO
HI all,

Just wanted to tell everyone about the wonderful time I had this past Friday in Denver. I woke up all ready to smoke a pork butt for my friends daughters birthday. When I looked out the window it was SNOWING!!! Let me tell you it is not a lot of fun to try to smoke during a snowstorm. But I had promised pulled pork and ribs so out I went into the snow. I had to take a patio umbrella and put it over the smoker to keep it from getting wet. Everything was ok until I found out there was no way I could get the temp up past 150 degrees. So after about 12 hours in the smoker and the meat at about 140 degrees I brought the meat inside and let it finish in the oven. I went to sleep a very tired boy that night. And you know drinking beer during a snowstorm still doesnt make it a lot of fun LOL. Well on Saturday I woke up to smoke the ribs and low and behold it is a beautiful day high reached about 70 degrees (Gotta love that Denver weather). For some reason the beer tasted ESPECIALLY good that day!!

Well everything FINALLY turned out alright and every loved the meat. My friends dad even said that he really didnt like eating ribs as i looked on his plate with seven of my ribs on it.
Jim79, ain't weather a wonderful thing? :P I lived in Denver for about a year in the mid 70's and I experienced my first snow storm in the middle of JULY!! :shock: We can have the best intentions when it come to smoking meats, but Mother Nature doesn't always have our best intrests in mind. At least you made the effort on those butts. Maybe Mom Nature prefers ribs over butts!! :mrgreen:
Hey Jim79. Welcome. I've lived in Denver for 25 years and love it here. I'm an avid golfer, and play every weekend all year long, except for the really fowl weather days. What most people don't know is, Denver has more sunshine days than any state except Florida. With that, we have plenty of days to perfect our smoking passion.

This year the problem has been wind which really adds to the difficulty in smoking.

Everybody prefers ribs over butts!!!!

Hey Earl, when it gets too hot, I head to altitude. I've been up to Rocky Mtn. Nat'l. Park many times in July and found snow flurries. I miss the beaches, but love the mountains. Have you had any luck with your TVC? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.