smoker went out over night

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Feb 11, 2024
help please!
had two 8lb butts in the smoker last night at 1230am checked at 340 am it wass still running, had the temp probes in but not set right for the alarm. went out at 8am the smoker had an error and one was 138 and one was 135, its 30 degress out. got it running again but its still dropping at 127 and 132. time to toss?
smoker back at 225 but the meat is now at 123 and 128.
thoughts on getting anther and a fast cook or not worth it?
yes bone in, thanks! not sure if the wife will let the family eat them...
As mentioned above they are safe to eat from the temps they reached. Not sure what smoker you're using but crank it up and get them done... we want to see finish pics. Don't forget to allow time to rest.

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And another overnight smoker issue, but with a twist. Please people, invest is a GOOD reporting therm AND thoroughly test it (prior to using it for a smoke) to make sure the grate probe will set off an alarm if the temps go outside of what you programed in and its loud enough to wake you up. Also agree with sandyut sandyut butts can easily be done in time for dinner the same day, just use a higher temp.
Thanks everyone, I ended up just getting 1 to replace the 2 and cook fast at 300. Most of kids are not coming over with the Lions losing out in the NFCC.... I don't have much desire to watch myself..

I would of been fine with it but not worth the wifes anxiety, if I had the kind that graphs the temp and time it would of been ok I think. i pulled one of the 2 probes out of the thermo works and I am using the air temp probe.

I have the Cuisinart Clermont, tons of room but It has quit mid cook 3 times is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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