Smoker went out at IT of 138.8 - Pork Shoulder

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Dec 9, 2023
I put the shoulder on the smoker at about 8pm with the smoker temp staying above 225. I put the internal probe in right away, but there weren't any other punctures.

At midnight the fire went out and the alarm didn't wake me. IT hit 138.8. At 3 I woke up and reignited the fire. IT had dropped to 116.7.

will this be safe to serve, especially to my 75 year old in-laws?


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My input would be that the surface IT probably did get above 140º. Assuming you did not inject, and with the IT getting to within 0.02º of 140, I'd say smoke on. What is also disturbing is why the Signals alarm didn't wake you. You might want to test to see if the alarm actually does work. If it does, then it comes down to being a very sound sleeper and if that's the case then I'd look to smoking at a higher temp (which pork shoulders take just fine) in order to keep to an same day smoke.
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The outside of the meat got past 140 in the first hour at 225+ where the bacteria are and closer to the temp of the cooker. You made it to 6 degrees below 145 which all pork is safely edible. It needs to keep cooking to get tender at 203+ IT.

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