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  1. hey guys, Looking for a little help making up my mind.I will be smoking a 12lb turkey this afternoon  it's been in a brine for 48 confusion is choosing my weapon  either Bradley electric smoker or my kamado joe smoker.I am not worried about the amount of work I am interested in the best possible results at the end.I am sure they both produce awesome results but I haven't had smoked turkey I can not say or predict the outcome that's why I'm turning to you fine folks 

    This is the recipe I'm following maybe it will reflect  on what smoker to use


    1 cup kosher salt

    1 cup maple syrup

    2 cup Jim beam bourbon

    1-litre apple cider 

    few fresh sage leaves


    1tsp cinnamon

    1tsp Amarillo chili powder  

    2tbs kosher salt

    2tbs black pepper

    Stuffed the turkey with quartered onions and garlic cloves and fresh thyme  have melted butter for basting thru out the cook 

    thanks in advance folks
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    i don't own an electric smoker and I've only had things hot smoked on them a few times... i don't think things are as good with electric as charcoal or wood but that could be the execution from the people cooking on the few electric smoked food i've had so take that for what it's worth.

    i would use your kamado and go at a higher temp like 300... the best one i've made was 2 thanksgivings ago, i spatchcocked it and smoked at 300 on oak and pecan in my offset... it only took ~2.5 hours, the skin was crispy the dark meat was ~175ish and the white meat was 165 and juicy.
  3. Awesome man thanks for the response!!! 
  4. smokinal

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    I'd go with the charcoal too!

    300-325 degrees.

  5. chef jimmyj

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    These guys X3...I can make great Q in my MES but I miss my Offset, Charcoal and Wood for Poultry...JJ
  6. Thanks, guys i went with the kamado joe  will post some pics shortly 
  7. b-one

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    Have you ever used that brine before?
  8. I have done a few turkeys in my MES. Good thing is it holds a constant temp so no tending to charcoal or wood (I used the AMNPS). Downside is the max temp is 275 so I have to transfer to oven for last part to get skin to crisp up. Otherwise its rubbery.

    Anyway, post some pics when you have a chance and let us know how that brine and rub turned out too. I am planning on doing 2 whole apple cider chickens this weekend. I am prepping for an apple cider turkey for Thanksgivin.
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  9. Hey guys, Im trying to post pics but im. Using my phone yes ive used the brine and rub before it is awesome in. The oven. The charcoal and smoke kinda over power it I believe but its still fun lol I cooked my turkey at 300-325 for 3.5 hours i didnt have to tend to anything. Charcoal last quiet a while I find if i use kamado joe or another premium brand charcaol it lasts alot and has alot better flavour


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