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  1. Well, I created a huge post, chronicling my build every step of the way, included pictures and everything, and when I got to the end, I hit the "preview" button and my phone tanked, so my post got lost I suppose. I'll recreate it, but I'm going to piece it together with several smaller posts this time!
  2. I used to do a lot of elk hunting in Colorado, and had a canvas wall tent with a little tent stove in it for heating. I've since moved to Texas, so no need for the tent/stove. I was trying to figure a good re-purpose for the stove when I stumble upon some smokehouse pics online that used external stoves for the heat/smoke source. *light bulb*!!
  3. I poured a 2'x3' pad for the stove, and a 4'x4' pad for the house.

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  5. If I "recover" the draft and post it, can an admin clear this thread? I don't want to be the "newbie" who posts the same thing multiple times! Lol
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  7. I'll just carry on with this one...

    I used 2x4 rough cut cedar for the framing, and 1x6 t&g cedar siding for the floor/ceiling/walls/door.
    I built it up high enough so that I could elbow out of the stove, and up into the bottom of the smokehouse.
    I have a large stack of bricks left over from my home build, and will eventually brick the bottom up to the smoke box. This really isn't necessary for the function, just aesthetics, and only because I have the bricks sitting there.
  8. I used cedar shims as "shake" shingles. Purely decorative, but I liked the look.
    There's an interstitial space between the cedar ceiling and the OSB roof deck.
    I used a 4" elbow that transitions to a 10"x4" register above the door for the vent. Will use a floor register cover with the adjustable louvers to control vent flow.
  9. I finished all the siding, and got the door mounted this past weekend, so she's finally all sealed up and ready to cook. I still have some trim work for final finishing, but it's operational now. I did a test burn late on Sunday just to watch smoke roll through her. I haven't gotten a thermometer yet, so I'm sure I'll have a little adjusting to do to get good temp control. Sure was nice to see the smoke rolling though, and the inside looks so much better with a little smokey tint. It also smells fantastic! Every day this week in the PM, I've been going down and opening the door, just to enjoy the smokey cedar aroma! Hooked on smoke, and haven't cooked a thing yet!

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    One of the nicest smokehouse builds I've seen.

  11. Thanks Al. After my first test burn, and reading some of the posts in this forum, I cut a 4"x8" fresh air inlet down low on the back of the box. I put an adjustable floor register cover on it so I could damper it as needed. I did another test burn, and this time I borrowed an ET-732 from my neighbor.

    At one point, I got the smoker up around 245F, but that was with what I'd call a "full" fire in my stove. Also, the temp would fall pretty rapidly back to around 190F if I let the fire settle even a little.

    I'm wondering if I should try to add some fire bricks to the inside bottom to maybe help hold a more even temp.

    Also, I was getting about as much smoke out of my "fresh air inlet" as I was my vent. It was a pretty windy day though, so maybe that was pushing the air/smoke around in the box.


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