Smoked Tri Tip

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Nov 29, 2020
Statesboro Ga
Thought I would take time to contribute a cook. I've been cooking a lot ....and working alot....just have slowed down long enough to post anything.
Even did a local comp 2 weeks ago with 1st in chicken. Only pic from the whole weekend was 1 turn in box🫣

I know it's blasphemy to some but had to run to town this am and found a beautiful, fat capped Tri Tip for $7.99 lb and had time to smoke it like a brisket.

Trimmed a little silverskin and lowered the fat cap then used a dab of Kosmos Q Brisket as a binder. Lathered up with Chupacabra brisket magic then a top layer of Lanes Ancho Expresso.
On to the MBGF 1050 @ 250 ° till she hits 160 or has good color and bark.
3.5 hrs and time for the paperwork.
Added more brisket mop and temp alarm set for 200.
A bump in heat to 325 and 1.5 hrs later we're on the counter for a rest.
Took the easy way and nuked some Taters in the bag . They are pretty tasty to me.
Unwrapped and man she looks a smells great.
I always use my cut guide posted by
thirdeye thirdeye to keep me in the right direction 😀.
Cut like butter and saved the liquid gold for dipping.
Not a fancy plate but a great flavorful meal.

Thanks for lookin' and keep on cookin' !

Good looking TT Keith, I almost forgot congratulations on the win in chicken.

Point for sure
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Good looking TT Keith, I almost forgot congratulations on the win in chicken.

Point for sure
Well Chris the chicken cook is about the only thing that went right 🙃.
Had a fire during the rib cook, pork but good but turn in box was UGLY with no garnish allowed.

And only 3 small slices left for tonight!

Blasphemy!? Naw... Good eatin is all anyone cares about!
Thanks Doc some get in an uproar if you take a TT past 125° 😉.
Wife is not a fan of that temp but I'm slowly working on changing her thoughts.
Notice I said SLOWLY 🤣.

I would be next on the grill if I tried Tri-tip at 200 degrees! 130-135 is my wife's favorite . Got 3 TT's for Mothers Day. Playing it safe at 130 degrees.
BTW yours looks real good. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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