Smoked Stuffed Chops

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Original poster
Sep 14, 2006
Bend, OR.
So, Mom's 61st B-day party is tonight and guess who got recruited for the main coarse? So we went to Costco on wednesday and picked up some of their nice thick chops. Came home and cut a pocket in each one. Threw them in the big pot and added a whole jar of Mr. Yoshida's sauce due to it being the favorite sauce of the wife and kids. I let them soak until this morning when I pulled them out and added the stuffing. Yea, I know that I cheated on the stuffing. I used Stove Top Savory Herbs. Put them in the elcheap-o Char-Broil Bullet smoker and dumped the Mr. Yo's sauce into the pan. I'm useing the Jack Daniel's barrel chips because Dad is a Tennesse Squire. Pricey, but we love the flavor. I'll post some pic's as soon as I can find my cable and hook up the camera to the comp. Let me know what you guys think about stuffing them before I smke them. I've been told that that is a bad thing to do, but that is the way I was shown how to do it.
VAGuy, First off Happy B-day to your Mom.

I did some grilled bacon wrapped, stuffed boneless loin chops a couple of Sundays ago that were fandangtastic. Would of smoked them but was running short on time.

When you check your temps, probe the pork to get a temp reading and then check the temp of the stuffing in the pocket, if everything reads above 140* you're good to go.
Thanks Dutch for the tip on the temp. Found my cable so I'm gonna try to up load some pic's. hope I can get it right.

Fresh from the kitchen to the smoker.

About half way done. Had to flip the racks so they would be even. I post some more after I have them out and ready to go to Mom and Dad's for dinner.
Nice pics Guy, but where's the bacon? :shock: :P

I like your signature line. Know several people that it would apply to.
Sorry Dutch. Maybe next time on the bacon. Getting ready to run out the door to Mom & Dad's. I post the pic's of the finished product later tonight.
So I got the chops done and everybody had good things to say about them. Here is the pic of the finished product. Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks to Dutch for the temp advice. Everybody was still alive today so I guess I must have gotten them right. :lol: CSA
Those look awesome, Guy!

Glad to have been able to help!
Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing with us! Keep up the great effort!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mom!


Very nice looking stuffed chops! keep up the good work. There are so many great projects to do if you just read the through some of the older threads you will find all kinds of great things to do.

ranger72 :)
My, my, my, those look great!. Very nice job on the smoke! Too many recipes to try, not enogh time... I'll get to this one day. How did the whole "temp checking thing" work out. Where did you take your final temp from, Meat or stuffing?
JMack, my original reply was to check the temps in the porkchop and the stuffing-both temps should be above 140* to be safe.
Oh man!! Oh WoW!! They look so YUMMY!! :shock: I'l be a tryin dem tangs ree soon!!yea ha!
Thanks for the compliments. I did as Dutch instructed. I took temps from both the chop and the stuffing. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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