Smoked Sirloin tip sandwich .

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Bought a couple more beef knuckles and broke them down . You end up with sirloin Tip , center , and side roast . These were on the small side , so I had the tip and the center roast . Cut up the side for grind .
This is the waste . Some might grind it .
I toss it .
Seasoned with Canadian Steak from GFS . Over night in the fridge .
Been super busy in the shop . So I smoked this on The SmokeFire pellet grill .
Pre heat to 250 , then set it to smoke boost . Ran that for 2 hours with hickory pellets .
Runs around 180 degrees . Then reset the temp to 225 ( from the shop ) and took these
to 135 internal . Reached temp , and shut down the grill .
Rested on the counter , then fridge over night .
Next day sliced up , covered and back in the fridge While I work on the rest of the meal .
The pic doesn't show how red it really is .
I caramelized some onions , then added 4 cloves of garlic .
Then added some spinach and tomatoes .
I let that cook down , added some beef stock .
When the liquid was warm enough I added 3 slices of
Swiss cheese .
Then the beef . Better pic .
This is just evaporating the liquid , and tenderizing the meat .
No bubbles , just steam .
Turn this mixture into itself until I like how it looks .
This is about there .
Toasted up some bread and add some cheese sauce .
The sauce was from mac and cheese my Son made the night before .
Butter separated from the cream when reheated , but the flavor is fantastic .
Load in some of the meat mixture
Plated with some had cut fries .
I soak them in water for 2 or 3 hours , with changes of water .
Last change gets a TBLS. of coarse salt .
Drain and on a rack and dry in the oven at 200 degrees .
Cooked in the air fryer . They come of really good this way .
20211121_182842.jpg 20211121_182847.jpg
Thanks for looking .
Nice job Chop!
The Sammie looks delicious, and those fries are perfect for us.
We like crispy fries, and yours sure look good!
That is a great looking meal
Thanks Jim . It was really good . Love that cut of beef .

That looks really good!

I can eat a couple of sammichs!
Thank you . It's really tender , so no problem for your Arkansas chompers .

that looks great!
Appreciate it Sandy . I bought that pellet grill back in July . I have several options out there , but the cover keeps coming off the SmokeFire .
Now that is a gorgeous sammich!
Thank you Jim . Kids got me on that spinach and garlic cooked down . Have to say it really adds to stuff like this .

Boy howdy, that slices up real nice Rich, great looking sanny!
Ray , I had to include the sliced pic . It was a great sandwich .
Thanks for the comment bud .

Nice job Chop!
Thanks Al

those fries are perfect for us.
We like crispy fries, and yours sure look good!
Yup . Almost like a blanch then fry .
Outside is crispy and the inside is creamy . I deep fried them in a dutch oven last time . That was over the top , but these are really close .
Looks like a delicious sandwich and bet them fries were awesome!

OMG---That Looks Freaking Awesome!!!
That's My Kind of Meal---Even the plates look familiar!!
Nice Job, Rich!!

That looks great nice job
Rich I just ate and now I want that. Made a Pizza Bread today for meatball sandwich tonight.
Man does that sammie look tasty!!! I could knock down a couple of those with a large order of fries.
That looks excellent Rich! Meat and Taters perfectly cooked. Great add ons with that Spinach mix too. I love extra crispy Fries as well. Great job. You've got that Weber dialed in properly.
Beautiful looking sandwich Rich. Great Job

Point for sure
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