Smoked Orange Turkey

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Nov 18, 2006
Did a few sausages pepperoni and hard salami (in the sausage section) and I tried making smoked turkey roll for lunch meat that came out really good.

The turkey started last night is a basic 1/3 cup salt brine with some garlic powder, onion powder, canjun spice. Maybe about 2 teaspoons each.

For the Turkey roll I used the breast meat only and sliced the meat to 1" thick pieces and sprinkled both sides with some garlic powder, onion powder, canjun spice and knox geletin, and stuffed it in a 4" collagen casing. Smoked it at about 225 until it was 180 degrees. Very tasty! I need to tighten up the meat a bit more next time there were some loose spots. ALso need to find a bigger casing but this works for now.

The wings and legs I just threw on the smoker again with sprinkled garlic powder, onion powder, canjun spice but also added grated orange peels.The orange flavor came out really nice! I think I'll throw some orage peels in the brine next time too.


very nice looking .. makes me want some...whens supper?

as for a casing...i just roll mine tightly in some cheesecloth.. then i unwrap it when it is done smoking
Debi, looks fantastic as usual

I especially like the idea of the orange peel !!

Here's somthing Iv'e been doing for a while and really like how it tastes, I think everyone should try it once and see what you think...

When you smoke chicken or turkey or whatever you think it might taste good on, what I do is add orange powder to my regular poultry rub, you would not believe what a great additional level of flavor this adds.

You can make your own with dehydrated orange peel, just make sure you grind or pulverize into a fine powder....or you can order some, I get mine here:

They also have alot of retail stores across th U.S. as well.

I do the same thing with dehydrated apples and add the apple powder to my rib rub. Gives it a great additional flavor!!!
Carl -

That's why I tried this. Went to get some lunch meat Friday and the smoked turkey was $8.99 for ONE lbs! I figured it must be alot like making the capricolla ham so I tried it. It's small though. I'm gonna try the cheesecloth trick. We ate half of it for supper tonight. Looks like I see peanutbutter in my future AGAIN!

Theresa -

I usually use real orange peels when I can but I did buy a big 1 quart jar of orange and lemon peels from Con yeager for I think $12 each. I usually put the dry orange or lemon peels in my mortar and pestle and grind it into a fine dust before adding it to anything - a little goes a long way! I use them alot. Great in salad dressings too.

I've never made apple powder. That open up all kinds of posibilities!

Gotta try that on my apple and cinamon Jerky! Bet it's bettr than using apple juice.


sounds like you guys and gals are shoppin in Canada !!lol,.DEBI sounds and lookes like it tastes better to do it ourselves !!keep the pictures coming !!thanks T-bone .
Yepper amazing product, great also for hard cheeses, nutmeg...just about your fingertips and knuckles, it's super sharp........Trust me
Yeah! I got one of those old rectangualr knuckle busters and damned if I don't have to stop short every other time I use it cuz I got a knuckle!


Theresa -
You said "I do the same thing with dehydrated apples and add the apple powder to my rib rub. Gives it a great additional flavor"

Do you just dry them or do you put alum or something on them to keep them from turning brow?
I Just brush them lightly with a bit of lemon juice and pop them in the oven @ 125*-150* for about 6-8 hours...turning them half way.

Last fall I did them with honeycrisp apples.....yummy and real sweet. I store them in one of the canisters that came with my seal a meal. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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