Smoked Chardonnay Sea Salt!

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leah elisheva

Master of the Pit
Original poster
Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire
Merry Christmas You Fabulous Smoked Cookies!!!!!!

My fishmonger had lined his case today with these canisters of oysters....

And something about his display did make me want to do something with those oysters; as I usually eat right out of the shell and wanted to just dump these into something simple, and with whatever was around the house, and still keep it healthy and fabulous and fun...

So I tossed them for a minute in the bottom of the hot pasta pot, (after boiling some wheat-free angel hair pasta)...

And added SMOKED CHARDONNAY SEA SALT to the plate, olive oil, black pepper, and then a side of roasted haricot verts that were baked in grapeseed oil and dried tarragon - the house smelling like a fabulous French...well, place to enjoy things!

I chopped up tomatoes of various colors too, and this simpleton meal, due to the salt, was really special!

Paired with Chablis, I downright adored it!

OK, Cheers and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!! - Leah
Looks great!! I like the idea of using the residual heat in the pasta pot to warm the oysters. Nothing worse than an overcooked, rubbery oyster. Been meaning to smoke some sea salt myself. Maybe tomorrow.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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