Smoked Butt w/garlic cloves?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ecducit, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. I've done various pork roasts in a slow cooker or oven.  My flavorful choice has been to stab multiple pockets into a pork roast, then cram a clove of garlic into each.  Eventually, an entire garlic bulb may be found in my pork roast.  I love pork and I love garlic.

    Only problem is...ughghghghg....mmm...gas.  Burping and...oghoghogh-ther reactions.

    Yet, I love the flavor. However, I never  did a pork butt in the smoker with this recipe.

    My question: Does a smoked pork roast of any given name illicit the same reactions, when enhanced with cloves of garlic, for anyone else?  ANYONE?

    If no response, I'll attribute the problem to my aging intestinal system. 
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    yea, garlic is just going to give you gas. I like to chop onions/garlic/jalepenos and mix with worcestershire sauce and stuff it with that. IDK what it is about garlic and smoking but the heat is too low or something for me. everytime I smoke a roast with big chunks of fresh garlic, the garlic comes out green and doesn't have that good cooked flavor. in the oven, no problem, but on the smoker I just don't have as good of results

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