Smoked almonds are great!

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  1. I have done smoked almonds (and sunflower seeds) a number of times now and they come out great.  I have been taking them to get togethers at friends houses and they love them.  I have generally just been using a basic bbq spice rub to coat them and smoking them with hickory or a hickory mesquite combo.

    Does anyone have any other good flavor ideas that would go good with almonds other than sweet?  I am looking for an interesting flavor\wood combo to experiment with.

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    I have thought of smoking some pecans, walnut and almonds in hickory then rest a day then cover them in chocolate.  I have done a few smokes but never tried the chocolate.  I prefer to use raw nuts and hot smoke.

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    You might try the search engine, there is a load of great proven recipes. I have jumbo pecans (as big as my thumb!), that I smoked a month again still smoothing...... Who ever knew I had such patience! My Mother would never have believed it. Bet she's looking down shaking her head in disbelief.
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  5. Well, those are some good options. I will have to think of what to do first.

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