Smoked a couple Chuckies.

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james c geer

Original poster
Oct 17, 2013
Utica Michigan
They were pretty good!  Just a bit dryer than i expected. Next time a bit lower temp and wrap them earlier before they get to done. Part of learning i guess? I smoked them at 250 they were done or over done in like 3 hours.

Those look good, what temp did you take them to, I smoke mine at 220-225, how was the taste? It sure looks like good samwich material.

That is the great thing about smoking, eating most of your flaws and trying again. Good luck on your next one.
Hello James.  Dry chuck roast?  I mean NO disrespect by that question but like butts chucks are pretty forgiving.  They look GREAT!  If you could provide more info such as smoking temps,smoking times, IT when pull from the smoker and resting time; maybe we can help more.  Chucks have the fat and connective tissue to be really tender in my experience..  Having said that, it may have been the beef you started with.  No fault of your's just maybe older tougher beef.  Keep Smokin!

They were at about 200 when i pulled them out.I let them rest foiled for about an hour before slicing.They probably were good for being smoked.The flavor was awesome! Think i am just use to oven method all this time.Next time i will wrap them in foil pan last hour with a bit of ajus? Learned Mesquite is a very strong flavoring wood. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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