Ski Jerkey

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Oct 10, 2021
Seattle WA
We like to have jerky to eat when we are driving home after a long day of skiing. It's easy to eat while driving and has such an intense flavor. I have read many posts here and will keep looking till I get more comfortable.

With the meat so thin, is there a good way to know when it is done? Does 'done' just mean what I am good with or is there a specific indicator?

If we are ok with a shorter life span, and keeping the jerky in a refrigerator, is there a way to make it less salty? I have read some posts that indicate that it can be a food safety issue.

Is there a significant difference between hanging or laying on the shelf?

I have a smoke vault 18 and plan to use this for the entire process. Since I will make smaller amounts more frequently, i can experiment with the meat I use.
My feeling is it takes some practice to know when its done. Mine isnt totally dry when i pull it. it dries more as it cools. I do mine on the rack flat. I will start it at 180 and the kick it up to about 225. too dry is just crumbly and crisp which I dont like. I shoot for a good chew. It jsut a feel not a science sadly.

Try OFG jerky its my fav. I posted an excel that will calculate the rub based on how much beef you use. its in page two of the linked thread.
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