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jerky beef

  1. N

    Ski Jerkey

    We like to have jerky to eat when we are driving home after a long day of skiing. It's easy to eat while driving and has such an intense flavor. I have read many posts here and will keep looking till I get more comfortable. With the meat so thin, is there a good way to know when it is done...
  2. T

    More Jerky, More Time?

    I have recently gotten into jerky big time. I make it in my electric smoker, and I've been making about 7 lbs each weekend (pre-cook weight.) That's 1 batch Saturday and 1 batch Sunday. This never makes it past Tuesday :) I have everyone hitting me up for jerky all the time! I just upgraded my...
  3. bigrybsmoke

    corned beef jerky?

    I have an idea in my head of corning a bottom round or arm roast to make into jerky. I believe corned beef brisket will make for a tough chew. bottom round is what I usually use for jerky making. what I'm wondering is this a viable thing? i don't wanna sink a week into prep and money into...
  4. Rings Я Us

    Bulk meat for jerky

    Check out this top round I got. Smallest one they had was 20 lbs. Guess I can use up a little trim for stew and stir fry or grind some up for chili. Just could resist grabbing one of these.. It's from a new plant in Canada that is supposed to be the most up to date top of the line facility...
  5. Rings Я Us

    Lemon Pepper Jerky

    Thought I would try something different for a change. I usually do a less complicated ingredient lists for jerky but I thought I would give noboundries lemon pepper beef jerky a try. I'm doing this in the smoker and in the oven. Just wanted to try side by side comparison of smoke and no smoke...
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