Silverton 620

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Original poster
Sep 11, 2023
New here it joined primarily to say this:
While I like the Silverton, had a li’l Tex and it did a better job of smoking. Tried a couple things but finall have it beat.

I used a couple sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil to seal the lid (placed inside). Ran them side by side top to bottom with the top rack as an anchor. It allows the grill to breath, but traps more smoke inside -does’t escape around the seals.

This is simple and cheap enough for everyone to try without any damage to the wallet. 1st cook the way, will reveal the results when I finish.


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Pork Chops came out smoked and delicious. Will employ this trick to anything I smoke in the future. Routine cooking(burgers, sausages, chicken) will be grilled, not smoked…though there is almost some smoke in anything cooked on this Traeger. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.