Shredded Pork - two ways.

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Sep 15, 2012
Today was tree trimming day on the old homestead. So I figured since I'd be outside all day might as well fire up the 26" kettle and pull some meat. Pork butts were on sale for .99/lb at the local grocer, and I had a small shank ham sitting in a deep freeze since Christmas. So out comes the Kettle, SnS, some hickory, a ten pound butt, and a smallish shank ham.

The butt is seasoned with Jeffs Texas rub and the ham is left naked:

After a short bit of time

Almost done:

Clean bone:

The ham

and the pork

First time for me pulling a ham shank. I must say it won't be the last. I prefer it over pulled pork. The wife she still likes PP better. So I guess I'll be doing both from now on.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. The battery in my camera was on it's last legs. Also since we both picked at the finished product there are no plated shots.


Appreciate you sticking with me until the end.

Man oh man those both look like plate keepers for sure! I have done the shank and like it very much!
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Both look pretty tasty !
Thank you Winter, both turned out great.
Looks good. I hope no beer poles were harmed in the trimming process
Appreciate it Mr. Ambassador. The beer pole was doing double duty that day. Besides holding my beer. It was also providing electricity to my chainsaw while I was cutting branches down to chunk size.

What a great cook Chris. Heck yeah. Looks perfect to me. I’d bring some tortillas and some Chile as a trade. Looks fantastic. Nice work.
Thanks Edge, Yeah tortillas sound great. I'll be making an western omelette with them this morning.
Looks great Chris. I thought about doing pull ham but seemed like it would dry out.
Appreciate it Brian. To be honest the ham does dry out a little around the edge, but once it's mixed in with the middle stuff. You don't even notice it.

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Looks good Chris, and some good eats for a while

Thanks David, We're using PH this morning in an omelette, and probably tonight in sandwich form. Then what's left will be vacuum sealed for future uses.
When the meat looks that good there aint no shame in eating it right from the pan.

Appreciate it Jim. It's the best way to eat after a long day of smoking.

Those look great! looking forward to lunch today as I am having pulled pork sandwich too.
Thanks Bruce. That's on the menu for tonight along with some corn on the cob.

Some darned good looking grub right there Chris. I've never pulled a ham but seen it done here quite a few times. Might just have to give it a shot after seeing this one. Well done sir!! It all looks epic :emoji_wink:

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