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GOUT has to be the worst name for a disease. The name makes it sound contagious.
I call it Gouch. When it's in full swing I can't describe it. Big toe? Let a fan blow on it and I'll give up the nuclear launch codes. Fortunately, it's been quite rare for the last few years other than the occasional minor knee and foot aches. Can't begin to say what triggers it.

So all said, I'm more focused on some beef on the spinner!
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At least it’s easy to spell unlike dirrirhea, dierheehaw, dyiriah…. the shits…
There is a gout med - colchicine - and the directions say to take it until your anus is spewing battery acid then take it for one more day after that. Doc had me on that for flare ups before allopurinol. Gout is caused by a uric acid build up in joints and I was convinced that uric acid was the equivalent of magic acid (which is millions of times stronger than sulfuric acid) as it was coming out of me nether regions.
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Some good suggestions here! I'm off tomorrow so gonna shop a few local butchers.
Well hit sams first. They actually had rib roast out a plenty starting at 110. Seen a few sirloin tip roast also. Just wasn't jumping out at me. Left with tenderloin tails and a big pack of wings.
Couple other close butchers and nothing saying pick me! So across town I go. Bingo!

I know neither have had picanha. I always use the tails for my steak bites. Thinkin bout tryin the hanger steak for steak bites?
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I used to get the gout in my knee all the time. Finally talked to a doctor and got allopurinol prescribed. I have only had very minor flares in the last five years. It is a game changer.
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Foods high in purines such as shell fish, sardines, beer (my weakness) and other meats.
Allopurinol has prevented it for me.
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I have had gout for years. When I cut pork products out of my life the pain subsided. I have switched to lamb, turkeys and rabbit. I'll eat beef tenderloin every once in a while and not have any problems. All are very good on the grill, smoker and for braising. And very easy to make delicious. Everybody's gout triggers are different. Regular hot dogs or franks set me off almost instantly.
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