Should I scrap it ?

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Nov 5, 2010
Northern Michigan
Doing Canadian Bacon... Here's the problem, mixed up a 1 gal brine, called for 1 cup sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, 3/4 cup sea salt, spices, 1 Tb cure # 1 (I was thinking 1 Tb per Lb) I am using tender quick, added 5 tb for 5 lbs. I now see TQ says 1 cup to 4 cup water. I do not have that much TQ. I have put in 2 cups including first 5 tbs. This will be smoked to 160 so can I cure longer ? will it just be too salty with the extra sea salt plus TQ ? I was going to cure 7 days.
You might want to give Morton a call, I've heard they have a pretty good customer service group.  You can find their contact information at morton salt dot com.

I've seen the reference to 1 cup TQ to 4 cups water before, and have always wondered about it.  It seems WAY too high to me, but I'm new at this.  I'm pretty sure there's a ratio between concentration and cure time, but I would have no idea how to calculate that.
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Make sure you do a fry test before smoking and soak if necessary!  You don't need both Cure #1 AND TQ - just one or the other.
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