Schulterspeck/Speck di Spalla/Shoulder speck

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    Shoulder speck I cut down yesterday.  This is a mangalitsa shoulder with the coppa/neck removed.  Cured for 20 days with some rosemary, allspice, black pepper and garlic.  Smoked on amzns for roughly 50 hours with a mixed hardwood sawdust combined with beech.  Hung to dry for about 3.5 months.
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    [​IMG]  A thing of beauty, absolutely top shelf.
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  4. I would love to know the recipe for curing. Also what do you used to wrap it. Thumbs Up
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    Great looking speck.  I could go for some of that right now 

  6.  You can see how I did it at my blog.  The casing is a beef bung I split and sewed around it.  Typically, speck like this is left skin on and not cased.  Since, this piece was skinned, I decided to case it.
  7. Thank you. Bookmarked it. Great stuff!!!

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