Scarbelly Wings (Buffalo Style)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by s2k9k, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. dirtsailor2003

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    I smoked up a double batch Christmas eve. I injected with Franks and creole butter. I was lucky to even get a few for myself, let alone a picture! My friends and family love the injected wings!
  2. Those wings are spectacular. My only regret was not making the entire 10lb bag. But I would have had to do 2 batches. Ok so I regret not having a bigger smoker lol.

    Everyone that ate them last night cursed me because now they don't want other wings anymore.
    I ended up using my favorite rub and then adding a couple tablespoons of it to the creole butter and injecting that.

    I then made a quick BBQ sauce from Franks Red hot. KC masterpiece, raw orange blossom honey and a bit of Maple finished Crown Royal.

    They were a appetizer smoke to my pulled pork smoke. Worked out nice I added an hour or so to my pulled pork but had awesomeness to snack on while I tended to the pork. Plus I gave my smoker time to even out before my main meat. However, I almost wish I just made the wings....almost.

    Pork turned out stellar. Best I have ever done.

    Thanks again for the awesome wing recipe.
  3. dgilley

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    The wings look great.  I have not had much luck with wings and was considering giving up on them.  However, I have to try them your way. The time and temp helps a lot.  Thanks again.
  4. I put mine in as soon as I had a chimney full of red hot coals in while my smoker was coming to temperature. (usually takes an hour for the temp to regulate itself) And then I kept them right around 275 for a total cook time of of about 2 hours.  I reheat them at about 400 degrees in the oven but I usually put them in while the oven is preheating and cook them 3-5 minutes after the oven comes to temp.  The meat was perfect for wings.  It didn't fall off when you handle them but I could take a flat a barely bite down and pull the meat off in one motion.  I don't think I can eat wings out anymore :( .  The only problem with this hobby is I no longer enjoy foods out anymore.  
  5. mneeley490

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    Ok, I got up a little early this morning to get my batch into the smoker, so they'd be ready in time to watch the Seahawks trounce the Redskins.

    I bought a 10 lb. bag of frozen wings at Costco yesterday; probably used about 4 lbs. of them today. I could not find Creole Butter on short notice, so I went with a 1:1 mixture of melted butter and Franks Hot Sauce.

    Injected and sprinkled with Creole seasoning. These filled 3 racks in my 30" MES.

    After 1-3/4 hours at 275. Should have pulled them 15 minutes earlier, but I wanted more crispness on the skin. They were just slightly overdone.

    Taste was great, and heat was spot on. Not too hot, not too mild. Thanks for a great recipe!

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  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Wings are looking good! I'll be doing some more next weekend. I can't find Creole Butter here so I make my own and use this recipe:

    2 tbs kosher salt

    2tsp garlic powder

    2 tsp white pepper

    2 tsp chipotle powder

    2 tsp cayenne

    1/2 tsp onion powder

    1 tsp dry mustard

    1 cup melted butter

    1 can of beer(cheap domestic)
  7. Got these injected tonight for tomorrow.  I couldn't find the Creole butter so I used a stick of melted butter with some Creole Seasoning and put any leftover on the wings.  I plan on using a mix of hickory and apple in my Smokenator without water in the pan since it seems most people do that to get the skin crispy.  I hope I can fit all of them in!  I'll post more tomorrow.

  8. Hour and a half on so far and looking pretty darn good. Can't wait to taste them!

  9. mneeley490

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    Went to my local butcher yesterday. His shop carries about 2,000+ hot sauces, and well over 500 BBQ sauces, but he didn't have this. He had just about every other marinade put out by Cajun Injector. I ended up buying Lousiana brand Cajun Butter. Is that similar?

  10. I've found the Cajun Butter at my local grocery in the meat section with the other meat preparations and also at Bass Pro if you have one near you.
  11. s2k9k

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    I have never tried it but I'm sure it's similar, and remember you can use anything you like!!! There is no set recipe for wings, mix it up and try new things!!!
  12. mneeley490

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    Nearest Bass Pro shop to me is in Manteca, California, about 850 miles +/-. 

    I know enough to know that there is a difference between Cajun and Creole, but I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps some of our Louisiana posters could enlighten me.
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  13. Tried this yesterday, but I used legs rather than wings.

    Holy cow were they good! A big hit with the friends and neighbors.

    Smoked for about two hours then finished off on the grill. Will defiantly be doing them again. My only regret.... No pictures to share.
  14. these this weekend.
  15. mneeley490

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    I made another batch yesterday by request from my friends. Turned out even better than the first time. [​IMG]
  16. I made 20 pounds of these yesterday for a Super Bowl party. It's a bit of work injecting all of those pieces but well worth it...they came out PERFECT and were devoured immediately! Everyone raved about them, including my wife who was not much of wing fan prior to these; thanks for the idea. Will post pix next time (won't be long I suspect [​IMG]).
  17. s2k9k

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    Thanks Gil-B-Q!

    When you get a minute would you swing by "Roll Call" and introduce yourself so we can give you a proper SMF Welcome, Thanks!
  18. jaxrmrjmr

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    Tried these last night..... good stuff!  The wife injected whole wings with wing sauce (dollar store stuff that we buy for our son to put on his chicken sandwiches) and sprinkled Durkee Chicken and Rib rub on the outside.  I smoked them at about 300* for 1'45" (it was windy, so my temps varied).  My only regret is I filled the water pan out of habit with poultry.  The crispy skin would have been better.

    I learned three things:

    1) inject them the day before and let them sit overnight.

    2) hot smoke them without water for a crispy skin - only one small smoke if you are using the traditional trays.

    3) make a lot because they get eaten.

    They are much easier and more inviting to eat than a slippery wing swimming in sauce.  It's like a nice smoked wing with some wing sauce that shows up.
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  19. mneeley490

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    I have made several batches of these since the first one. They do go fast, and are one of the top requests from friends.

    I think Scarbelly would be proud of all the enjoyment people get from them.
  20. bdskelly

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    Someone mentioned these wings last week ( Was it Red maybe?) any who  I think Ill give them a shot this weekend   The whole wings ( which I prefer) you have pictured are tough to find in my area.  They always cut them up.   I see you crank up the heat to 300  Heck I'm not even sure my MES can get there.  But man do they look good. 

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