Saturday's smoke

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Is this for one meal or are you planning not to cook for the rest of the week?
Very nice Hillbilly...keep up the good work ,looks yummy ,slurp drool wipe
Fantastic hillbillysmoker!!! Could you tell me more about the chicken roll? Is it a chicken breast rolled in bacon, or actual minced chicken with spices and such, and then formed into a roll.

Hi Theresa,

This is the recipe I use:

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Using skinless/boneless chicken breast, cut the breast into two slices. That would be 4 slices per whole chicken breast. (2 slices per half of breast.) Next use a high quality low salt sandwich ham, provolone cheese and bacon.

After you cut the chicken into slices, pound them down into a thinner pieces.

Now take 4 slices of bacon and lay them side by side. Take a fifth piece of bacon and lay it across the four strips at the center. Next it is just a matter of layering the stuff on top of the bacon. This is the order in which everything is layered:
·1 slice Chicken
·1 slice Ham
·1 slice Cheeze
·1 slice Chicken
·1 slice Ham
·1 slice Cheeze
Now roll your chicken, ham and cheeze up the best you can. I know it is not going to look like it won't roll up correctly, but it rolls up good enough.

Next, tie the roll together using the 4 pieces of bacon and toothpicks. Once that is done, take the cross piece of bacon and pull it up and over both ends of the roll and toothpick it as well.

I use a cabinet temp of 250 and smoke for 1 hour 20 minutes with maple and then continue to cook to an internal of 160.

Hope this helps,
Wow, that sounds absoulutley fantastic Bill. Gonna have to try this very soon. Yummy!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
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