Cured ground beef

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Sep 30, 2008
I cured 4lbs of ground beef yesterday for jerky. I only ended up using 3lbs. My question is can I use the other lb for a meatloaf? Has any1 done this? Thanks in advance !
I’ve made cured meatloaf many times. With both beef and pork. I always mix it up just like I would any sausage recipe then rest overnight. So in this case with a pound of already cured meat I would mix it in and bake right away. Just keep in mind the salt that was already added to that pound .
Waiting for the results!
A little dense and hammy (expected). But edible.
Last meatloaf I did I was a little to wet . So I reached for the NFDM to help it out .
Had some allspice and caraway in the seasoning .
Sitting at the table , everyone got quiet . My Son says " Taste like bratwurst ". I take a bite ,,, It sure did . Was weird because we had traditional meatloaf on the brain .
I'll have to say sliced thin and eaten cold on a sandwich was pretty good .
A little dense and hammy (expected). But edible.
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Yep that looks like cured ground beef :D

Had I gotten here in time I would have suggested you mix it all up with some sort of sausage type seasonings and then cook it using the sausage cooking process.
THEN you could have sliced it up for a sandwich meat vs a meat loaf.
I've done this to make sandwich meat before that I put on my slicer and it works like a charm. You just gotta figure out what kinda sandwich meat flavor you are going for. Pastrami is a good one since it's beef :D
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