Saturday send off BBQ spare ribs for friends.

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Oct 26, 2013
South Louisiana
Ok I know it aint Saturday yet not here anyways but Peg and I pulled the membrane offn 2 big spare rib racks, and dusted them with a lil Cajun seasonings and stowed them out in da pit till tomorrow.  We also pulled some scale on red fish fillets to keep da ribs company on the pit tomorrow.  The ribs are out to stay cool 30's tonight in the morning they get my sweet but rub and we will start the party early.  I will try to stay sober enough to remember to take pics and post as we go.  Maybe I can make it to the money shot.  Anyways here is a good start.

So now its off to bed for an early start.
Ok, BBQ fans here we go:


Up at 7 coffee on.  800 pit cleaned out and ashes disposed.

815 lit the chimney and made a beer run.

by 845 the pit was lit and the ribs have had a liberal rubbin with cappy's Cajun butte rub.

At 900 on the dot the ribs hit the pit and good friend "the irrasable Mr. Ed started warmin up with some "Clapton chords.

I am still at step 1 in a Cajun BBQ drinking coffee.
  Building a basting sauce and checking on the REd fish fillets, Peg got her BBq sauce built and beans seasoned up last  night so she is ahead on her part of the game.  Will be back later to bring yall up to speed I'll let yall know when I get to step 2 drinking water.
Ya know a little drip in ya Community sure helps keep that early morning nip out of ya bones this AM. I am not Irish but I can be. I like a little Tia Maria and/or Baileys. It even makes Eric Clapton sound better. It may have something to do with the humidity and barometric pressure and the relative density of the air and how the strings reverberate a bit more crisp when its cool and early.

Sounds like its going to be a fun day. Since it is carnival season, remember to practice your carnival shout, "Hey Mister throw......." I made donuts the other day and baby Sis said I should have made a King Cake. Yep yep yep.... its getting to be that time. 
1000 the fire pit is lit in da yard and I just poured ma self a big glass of water.  Any party happy country boy knows fore ya party too much its a good idea to hydrate.

Those of you familiar with my yard will note the lack of banana palms Got em all wacked to the ground after the freeze.  The few ya see standing are across da fence.  I plan to ask the neighbor if they want me to wack them down too since they started in my yard.
Well da ribs been siting on da pit for 1:30 more or less untended the pit is around 180 or so by my hand.  So to feel like I was cookin I rolled me over and gave them a light mop with my mop sauce butter beer and left over rub.

At high noon I took the ribs up recoiled with fresh brickets basted them and parked them on the warm side o da pit to make room for other goodies sausage and a pan of beans for starters.  As ya can tell the ribs are mostly done and just holding for now.

In case yall worried bout da ribs they been separated and slathered with sauce and parked in the oven not for cookin more to keep da flys ofn em while the fish and fixins get done.  Now where da heck did I leave my beer??? step three.

Oh man! what a great day!!  good food, good friends, good home spun music! Could'na been beter.  Glad I coulda shared it with yall.  Hope yall's day was good as well, may God bless yall and keep ya safe.   Time to curl up with a good drink and a wonderful wife. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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