Saturday, Saturday, Saturday the "Spring is almost here" smoke session....

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Original poster
Oct 15, 2013
Inman, SC
Well, I got to be honest with you guys. I'm hooked worse than a bass fish on a #4 Gamakatsu.

So I started out last year with a El Cheapo SFB Char-griller. Amazingly enough I ended up figuring that thing out and cooked some really delicious stuff on that thing. Well then this happened.

Found out my father in law had built a massive gas smoker mounted on a trailer about 15 years ago. He proceeded to pull it to my house and give it to me. Now I have a new smoker to master. She is in desperate need of a paint job, but that's the least of my worries. The craftsmanship he put in this thing is absolutely tremendous. There's only one problem I have with it, and I think it's the reason my food turned out very bland last weekend. The thing has 2 smokestacks. One on the opposite end of the firebox, and one DIRECTLY OVER THE FIREBOX. Since smoke has a natural tendency to want to go up, I'm guessing I lose 90% of my smoke flavor out of that first smokestack last week. So alas, the redneck engineering has taken over. I have now stuffed that smokestack slap full with tinfoil. I'm hoping this will improve the flavor this week. If I can figure out how to do Qview, I'll post a pic of the smoker here in a few.

Also I think I learned that with gas, apple is way too mild of a wood to be using alone (losing most of the smoke aside.) I think this weekend we're going to try a bit of a different approach. What do you guys think?

This weekends menu:
2 8lb+ Boston Butts
2 Racks Spare Ribs
1 10lb bag leg quarters

Got to have plenty of food for celebrating Sunday after Jr wears 'em out at Bristol.......
If I were you I'd saw zaw that smoke stack off over the firebox and bolt a steel plate over the hole to start.  Is there a vent on the side of the firebox?  Below were the wood or charcoal burns? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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