Safe to ship cured meats?

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Nov 10, 2023
I’m considering buying some cured meats from this website.

They say it’s safe to ship, but I have concerns because I live where it’s hot (90° and hotter) and I’m worried at how well this will hold up in the mail and mailbox once delivered.

Also, I’m not sure how hot it gets in a UPS truck or wherever it’s at during transit.

Any advice on if these products look safe to purchase online? I was looking at this starter pack and this starter pack.

Thanks in advance!
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If you're buying from a commercial shop , I wouldn't worry about it . The ones I deal with ship overnight , and they also use insulated and cooled boxes .
The stuff you linked is probably stable until it's opened anyway .
I understand you're in a hot climate , but shouldn't be an issue

You might want to check the shipping price if you haven't already .
They may have a special shipping for uncooked meats.
When I ordered cheese/pepperoni for east coast, they would ship in Styrofoam containers with ice bags in them. Shredded cheeses would still be frozen .
If I had lived on west coast, they would have required overnight shipping.
It costs $$$.

I guess it depends on what you are buying from them.
However this is on their web site:


Yes! Online orders may take several days and occasionally over a week for delivery. This is no cause for concern as our meats are shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature!

Our products are cured and fermented, which are ancient forms of food preservation that remain perfectly effective in modern day. “Good” bacteria are added to our product while still raw. These added bacteria consume compounds, such as sugar, and create acid. This process lowers the pH level, increases alcohol content, and decreases water activity.

The new influx of acid is the cause for the signature tangy flavor of cured meats. All of these factors prevent the growth of toxic, harmful bacteria. In other words, the healthy bacteria that we add turns the salami into an environment uninhabitable to harmful bacteria.
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You can contact them... sure they get that question alot. Been in business since 2009 so I would believe it's safe. I'm going to pretend I didn't see that site... now I'm hungry!

On a whim, I ordered some salami (Chorizo, Tuscan & Black Garlic) and their Sobrasata. Got delivered to the mailbox out front. No dry ice but the weather was cool. All the salami's are cured, quite hard & rather small in size. The Tuscan was a bit larger. The best of the bunch was the Sobrasata spread. It has some heat but on a cracker with red wine it was a hands down winner. I also liked the Spanish chorizo but be aware it comes with some heat. The hardness of the salami's provided a tough chew. Not certain if this is normal or not. The casing on the Tuscan while edible makes chewing tougher. I finally was able to remove most of it, not easy at all, but the salami was still tough to chew. Good flavor though. I plan on send them a note regarding my experience.
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