Rope sausage on new backwoods

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Smoke Blower
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Sep 13, 2013
I bought a backwoods smoker yesterday. It was used and about 5 years old but in great shape. Got a good deal on it also. I think it's going to be a huge step up from my brinkman trail master for long cooks. I've never used a water pan or deflector in my smokers before so it will be a learning experience.

Well of course I had to try it out and get right to smoking in it. My wife has been craving smoked sausage and cabbage, so that's what's on the menu today.. I picked up a couple packages of rope sausage and cabbage from the grocery store last night.

The cabbage is very simple to put together, and one head will feed a lot of people.. I shred and chop the head, put it in a foil pan, chop onions to go in, a stick of butter, beer broth, beer of your choice, seasonings of your choice, and strips of bacon. So easy to make but man is this a good side dish.

Rope sausage is just fresh sausage from the store, threw on some of jeffs rub. Into the smoke until it reaches temp and "snaps" for text test. Don't really remember how long it takes but somewhere around 4-5 hours
Posted this on accident before finishing the thread..

But I tried starting the smoker out with no water pan and just the deflector. And temps were climbing to high. 270+ climbing still. So I put the water pan back in and added water. Seems to stay in the 220 range so far.

Like I said it's still a learning experience with this backwoods.. any info from users who have one would be great but I'll just keep testing this mean machine out!

Here's some pictures of the smoker and food so far.. stay tuned for some finished product later!

The newest member of the family keeping an eye on temps for daddy.
Sausage is done. Cabbage is close to being done, supper is not for another hour or so. So I threw the sausage in with cabbage to keep it from drying out and still keep it hot.. I usually throw both of them together when reheating the next day and back on the grill and it's even better I think. Getting some good color on this sausage!

Nice smoker! And your cook looks great! I just did the exact same for us on Friday!  Every time the smoker is fired up I have to do cabbage for the wife.We do the cabbage whole,cored, filled with butter,b-sauce,and bacon.Its all good!Keep the smoke rolling!
Thanks rich! Yeah I've done cabbage like that too! It's pretty hard to mess cabbage up! We love it, plus just one head can feed quite a few people for a ccheap side dish! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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