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  1. After reading SmokinAl's post about perfect ribs every time I just had to try it.  I didn't use the exact seasonings or the mustard like Al does but I did follow his method.  

    Got 2 racks of St. Louis ribs ready to go. 

    I saw this new rub at Sam's and I decided to try it (Weber Honey Garlic).  The other is McCormick Pork Rub.  Did one side in Honey garlic and one side in McCormick. 

    McCormick on the left and the Weber on the right. 

    Got the ribs on the racks with the AMNPS loaded up with Pecan.  The smoker was set to 225F and I started.  

    I smoked for 3 hours and the IT was around 165F.  At this point I foiled them and added apple juice to the McCormick and straight honey to the Weber. I continued to smoke for another hour and the IT was up to 193F.  I then took them out of the foil and sauced and placed on the gas grill that was 600F for just a minute to make the sauce sticky.  

    Well here they are, the final product.  I must say this is the way I will do ribs from now on.  The meat was tender but not fall of the bone (I hate fall off the bone when meat doesn't stay together) When you bite the ribs the meat would then come clean off the bone from the bite.  My wife says it was the best ribs I have ever cooked.  Thanks SmokinAl for showing us your method. 

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    Your ribs look awesome!

    So glad my method worked out for you!

    Points for getting the ribs to stick to the ceiling like that!!

  3. Thanks Al your method is great. I just realized after your post that the pic of the cut ribs was upside down lol. The grill trick did make the sauce good and sticky.

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