Ribs, convince not to boil

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Jun 7, 2006
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OK, I have this friend who insists on boiling, she is convinced that it makes them more tender and cooks out unnecessary fat. I've used every arguement I can think of, but I can't convince her to STOP the madness...can someone come up with perhaps a scientific reason to not boil?
Before the discovery of insulin, the only treatment for diabetes was a very high-fat, zero-carb diet. Dietary fats help stabilize blood sugar. Boiling will oxidize polyunsaturated oils and cause harmful free radicals.

OK - before you start thinking I'm a doctor, I'm not. The above is a brief snippet from an article found here: http://www.westonaprice.org/knowyour...oils-faqs.html Mary G. Enig, PhD - an expert of international renown in the field of lipid biochemistry. Good luck winning this one! I loathe boiling ribs!
- Anthony
Well that beats the hell out of my arguement, I was gonna say that boiling not only tenderizes, but it also takes out all of the flavor. I'll only boil meat if I'm making stock. How do you think all the flavor gets into the water? On that note, ribs are a rather expensive media for the production of stock.
That's how this whole thing started, she asked for my sauce and rub recipe because of how much she loved my ribs!!!!
"That's how this whole thing started, she asked for my sauce and rub recipe because of how much she loved my ribs!!!"

Sounds like a typical female response to me. She loves how they taste, wants to make them herself, then faults the way they are made, and wants to do something stupid and different while expecting them to taste the same.... I think I was married to her once..

Thank god there are at least some women with common sense, and they seem to be on this website...
My wife always use to par-boil them. We were down at the WD looking at some of the racks of pork ribs. They had a buy one get one free. While I am looking at them this little old lady (around 90) comes up and snatches up 4 packs. I figured I would ask her how she did them and mentioned my wife, who was within earshot, par-boils hers
"Honey, all she is doing is boiling out the flavor. Tell her fat taste good."

My wife gave in to me doing one rack on the smoker (3-2-1), while she par-boiled and thru them on the grill. Needless to say, I now do ALL the rib cooking in our family.
Pork fat rules!!

IMHO, if ribs are boiled, then the flavor goes away, nutrients go away, and they become nothing more than a vehicle to get the BBQ sauce. Then you have nothing but "textured" BBQ sauce with a bone.
Go with a taste test.

Invite your friend over and smoke up a batch of ribs.

Do not sauce them.

Have her boil up some ribs, again, no sauce

Once both are ready, have her do a taste test.

She will realize that she really likes the sauce/rub combo than the taste of the actual boiled meat.

You don't even need to rub your smoked ribs. Just a little S&P. The flavor and the tenderness will be in your ribs, while hers, though maybe tender, will be flavorless.

Just a thought
I think it's one of those, always did it that way, and she said she doesn't like the extra fat
. I emailed her and asked her to let me know when she's going to do them so I can bring the mirapoix for her rib stock!!!
And her husband even has an ECB!! I just can't imagine...the rib Gods must roll over in their graves when someone does this!
Got a chuckle on that, triggered a memory.

Mom would boil them, then put them in the oven for couple hours, and would baste them with watered down Open Pit sauce (only "Original" in the 70's), but she learned it that way and wasnt changing it.

Man were those bad.

But if dad did them on the grill, he would torch them and be ready in 20 minutes.

Boil/Bake was lesser of two evils
well there goes her "i don't have any other way to do it" defense. has anyone told her extra fat = extra flavor?

Shellbell, don't forget the eggs for the consumme.
My work had a bbq the other day and they did ribs on this huge open trailer. they had em on for about 30 min and the grill was probably pushing 900* at about 6" from the coals. they pretty much burnt the hell outta them and they tasted like badly cooked pork chops and were dry and tough. such a travesty.
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