Ribs, convince not to boil

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You most obviously do, you know how to do it right! Many Texas women just won't listen to what men tell, they always think they know a better way. In your case, why won't she listen to you? Sister to sister as it were?
I hate to say it, but I used to boil when I first did ribs a few years back on the gas grill. That's what the receipe said to do...but never quite got the right flavor. The little smoker box never did much. If I turned the gas up hot enough to make the wood smoke, then the ribs would get burned.

Got a smoker for the b-day this year, and it's been heaven ever since.

Navionjim: looking for the Necronomicon...?
I have never heard of boiling ribs before. You actually submerge them in water and boil them? Don't they get kind of bland that way? Before I started smoking I'd slow bake them in the oven with a pan of water in the oven to make steam but never put them in the water.
Long before (years in fact) I found SMF I was looking around on the net for rib receipe's, and found one that advised to boil the ribs for 20 min. then put on the grill for an hour or two to impart smoke, and other flavors. Sauce during last 10-15 min. All you tasted was the sauce on some meaty textured stuff. Others I made them for liked them, but they were also the people who slopped each rib with sauce. I never thought they were that good.

I found SMF whenst contemplating purchase of a real smoker. Again, it's night and day. To think of all the fine ribs that were wasted dripping with sauce. I like mine with a little sauce on the side, otherwise NAKED!!!
Ha Ha! Funny thing is I just saw that film and was a tad disappointed having had the hell scared out of me years ago watching the first "Evil Dead". That last film was campy rather than frightening.

But no honestly, I was fascinated by "The Day The Earth Stood Still" as a kid, and that was the first use of the utterance. It has been re-used in numerous movies and even Rockford Files, ever since. Just FYI it has no actual meaning in any language, just sounds cool.
I boiled them too before I learned "the way" (Grasshopper). You "parboiled" until you got 1/4" of bone, then burned the p out of them on the grill. Then there was the smoker...........my argument would be just smell the water after boiling....that's what you've lost.
I was lucky, in a way, I knew from some others it wasn't scary, but more corny and funny, before I saw it. Bruce Campbell is funny as hell. My favorite line is "Thiiiissss issss myyyyy booom sick"
. Just saw it on Comedy Central or something a couple weeks, ago. We have it on VHS, but haven't had a working VCR in about 4 years.

Yeah I've heard the words over and over. Sad that they don't mean anything. Figured it was some inside joke, or "buy war bonds", or something like that. Oh well.
Well my method that I have used for the last 3 years involves soaking the ribs in pineapple juice overnight in a foil pan and then the next day putting the pan on the grill and braise/simmer for a half hour. I try to keep it just under boiling. Then on the smoker for 3-4 hours then finally sauced and on the grill for 2-3 mins to caramelize the sauce. They have always turned out tender and moist. I will try it without the braise/simmer step next time to make a comparison.
That is funny!

When my dad used to do them on the grill, my mom would parboil them to extract some of the fat so they wouldn't flame as much and burn...back in the 70's, they didn't have indirect heat, that didn't come along until their daughter started cooking for them!!
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