Rib Roast and Hatch Mac and Cheese

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Aug 1, 2018
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This was cut from a Rib Roast 3 years ago. It about time to use it. Grill over 160 before even adding charcoal to it. So tired of this heat! Since we no longer get charcoal sales I have learned it does not take much. I been going with 1/4 to 1/3 chimney. A bag last a while like this. Used that Hardcore Black. No need for a sear with that stuff. Made some Hatch Chile mac and cheese and one of Keith's onions. Toaster over shut off on me so did not get my normal caramelization but it was good.

20230812_154352.jpg 20230812_154046.jpg

20230812_162427.jpg 20230812_164837.jpg

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Good lookin' cook Brian, nice work! I have a slab of beef ribs in the freezer now for three years, just like you, it's time! RAY
Fine looking meal right there Brian!! Very nice...and the Hatch mac & cheese sounds fantastic.

Looks real good from my screen Brian. Can you taste the hatch chili in the MnC? Some items I put in MnC get lost in the cheese.

Point for sure
Looks excellent Brian! You mean you need to use charcoal with your heat you're having? Hope you get a break from it soon!

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