Ribeye and Roasted Garlic Mash

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Aug 1, 2018
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I bought a couple small Rib Roast and cut some Ribeye's from them. This is the smallest which is still pretty big. Inkbird wireless Thermometer got me for the last time. Every time I think I figure out why I don't get notifications it gets me the next time. I own most their products and have had problems with most of them. This wireless thermometer would be a great product if I got my notifications! I was doing reverse sear and had it set to 110. When I checked it was at 125 which is about where I like to finish. Was not able to do a good sear. Anyhow I made some roasted garlic mash taters and roasted Brussels sprouts. Steak was over cooked for me, looks rarer than it was in picture but it was still good.

20231218_174401.jpg 20231218_174437.jpg
I got the wireless therm also. Still playing with it to get it figured out. I will still use my 4 probe along with it for some things, Just till I get it figured out. Of course the instruction that came with it is useless. At least for my blind self.
Steak still looks good.

Dang it still looks good to me. I agree though I have all inkbird stuff. I have 2 of the instant read thermometer, the 4 probe thermometer, vacuum sealer, and their sous vide. I don’t like the app for the 4 prong thermometer, I think I will eventually go back to one that has a separate display that shows the temp so I’m not having to keep opening the app to check temps. The vacuum sealer is my second one of theirs after the first one stopped vacuuming, my bad decision I bought the same one and not maybe a year later I can only seal about 3 things before I have to stop and let it cool down.. the sous vide I can honestly say I’ve only used once 😂 but I do like the instant read thermometers for the price they are
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