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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by claregirl, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. claregirl

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    I have a Brinkman propane smoker that I've had for 3 years.  In the whole time I've had it I've had nothing but problems getting the temperature under 250°.  First I moved it into a shaded area on our deck which helped a little, then I propped open the upper door which works most of the time but isn't really consistent.  I've learned to smoke ribs at that temperature but I really want to get it to 225° since every smoking recipe call for that. 

    Any suggestions?
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  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Claregirl , sounds simple. Yeah, right she says...

    Go to a Hardware store and pick-up a needle valve for your Propane line ,(they will suggest how to install it),  this willmost likely solve your problems. Ley us know if it continues...

    Have fun and as always . . .
  3. claregirl

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    OK, I'll do it tomorrow.

  4. s2k9k

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  5. claregirl

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    Thanks a million.  My local hardware store had no idea what I was talking about and quite frankly, neither did I.  But thanks to your link, I bought one online.  Too late for today's pork butt but that's OK.  The summer is just starting!
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    I have a Brinkman Double door propane. If your valve is like mine, and you have to push the knob in to turn it off, just push and turn slowly and you can get the flame lower, before it's turned off. This is probably not the recommended procedure, but it does work, and I've never had an issue with the flame blowing out, getting the temperature down to 225 or so. I don't do that much anymore because at 225 anything I cook in it takes about twice as long as it should.  At about 250-260 (my low setting) it's more comparable to what others with better smokers seem to get.

  7. claregirl

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    Sounds like you have the same problem I have.  You would think the lowest setting would be something like 200° instead of 250°.  It makes more sense.  My problem seems to be that since I smoke so infrequently, translating the temperature I'm given in the recipe into the

    temperature I get on my smoker is a real pain in the you-know-what.  So when my husband asks what time dinner is, I can only give him an hour window.  LOL
  8. I have a Masterbuilt "dual fuel" smoker,..and to be honest, I have an easier time regulating the temp with charcoal,..using propane, the lowest setting will creep up to around 260, while anything higher will push 350-400..
  9. claregirl

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    Before we got our smoker, I smoked everything on my Weber propane grill.  I actually regulated it much better but the prep time was a pain.
  10. roller

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    Hope you get things worked out. They gave you good advise.
  11. claregirl

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    I know, Roller..  Actually I ordered a propane regulator kit online thanks to S2K9K and I'm waiting for it to arrive.  When it gets here and I smoke using it for the first time, I'll post.  [​IMG]



  12. I have a masterforge double door gasser.  No mods and I can usually keep it around 230-250, I actually smoke around 250 and have never had any problems with meat prep.  As to the question the wife asks me about when the food will be done.  "It will be done when it's done and not a second sooner".  Having said that I like to cook large cuts of meat the day before I really need it. For example I'll smoke pork shoulders starting around noon the day before and when they are done (usually around 4-5 in the morning) I'll put them in a cooler after I double wrap in foil and towels.  They will stay above the danger zone for quite some time. I keep one of the probe therms in the meat just to be safe.  Using that method I've been able to keep shoulders in the cooler for 6-8 hours with no issue.

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