Recipe's to share?

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Jul 16, 2007
When my Marine came home his 2 favorite meals that he wants before he leaves are chili relenos and hot chicken wings. I've actually been asked to cater these dishes they have gone over so well<<<<<<<<not likely! I thought it might be nice to share those recipes on SMF but I'm not sure where? There doesn't seem to be a forum for main dish items only sides etc. What do ya think? These are not smoked dishes.
You know you're right - there's no real place for non-smoked main dish recipes. I might stick the relenos in sides, but definitely post the wings under chicken. They're not smoked, but they are most definitely chicken

You never know, a thread like that might evolve into something entirely different. Doing wings in a smoker (I'm sure it would be only partially) certainly would have my attention.
I agree about the non smoked main dish listings. I would have to agree with devolutionist about putting the chile rellenos in sides for the time being. Sounds like we may be expanding the forum categories...
You know... I don't think too many of us would hold it against you if you put those killer recipes right here. BTW Tell your Marine we appreciate him!
Actually, they are!!
I agree a main dish forum would be very nice to have until then I will post them here. I should have time later tonight to post. Also, I am making a double batch of rellanos this Sat night for the boy and will take pics of each step. Its verrrry easy to make and they truely are better then any I've ever had. You need to have a good deepfryer (basket size is key)for both recipes. (You can buy a good one for $60-$80 most places, Costco, Sams, Walmart or Kohls) You can't make them in oil on the stove or bake them. Won't be the same, I have a friend that tried. Yuck is the word....Not good!
Can't wait.. love those hot wings. The hotter the better! But they gotta have that flavor too.
Trece, when you mentioned chile rellenos a small light bulb( matches my brain) went on. I'll give you the 411 over the weekend. Thanks, light off.
Theresa’s Chili Rellenos

This is a double batch recipe which makes approx 25-30 Rellenos:

-2 Large cans whole green chili’s (any brand, I use Hatch’s) I use mild, there is medium and hot, but for serving a lot I prefer to go easy on them J Also the flavor comes out more in the mild chilis (Try mild before you go hotter, you’ll be surprised)
-Brick peperjack Cheese
-Brick Sharp Colby or Chedder (Shaper the better)
-2 Pkg’s Egg Roll Wrappers (any brand would do, you will find them in the produce section) 1lb to a pkg

Refried Beans (Frijoles)
Stokes Green Chili (There are several kinds to choose from) or homemade
Sour Cream
Shredded cheese (I use cheddar)
Cut up lettuce
Cut up tomatoes

Slice cheese into slices approx 2 inches x ½ inch thick pieces
Drain a can of green chili’s (save the juice)
Take one egg roll wrapper, center a whole chile (do not clean or wash or remove meat) on the wrapper, stuff with one each pepper jack and Colby
Fold up the bottom of wrapper first, then fold sides in and roll forward. Have a cup of water handy, dip your fingers and wet the corner just prior to sealing and then gently press relleno together and put on a plate till you have all of them done. Wetting the corner prior to pressing is necessary to holding them together. Careful not to tear the wrapper as the cheese will melt out in your deep fryer if you don’t.

Deep fry on high (approx, 350 degrees) for 2 ½ minutes only (Use a timer). My basket holds about 6 at a time. While frying I heat up the stokes with some of the chili juice in it, also heat up your refried beans and add the remaining juice in, but not enough to make them runny. I also dice up any left over chile’s and add them to the beans. YUM! Excellent for burritos for those non-relleno lovers. Shredded cheese on the frijoles (refried beans) finishes them off. Sour Cream and Guac on the side and everyone’s happy! The use of a deep fryer is a must, no other method will turn out the same.

I have been making these for 10 years and everyone loves them.
I hope you Enjoy Them!
Theresa’s Hot Wings

This is a double batch, if you don’t make a double……you’ll wish you had!
Depends of the size of the pkg but I usually get 75-80 hot wings total.

2 large family pkg’s of chicken wings, completely thawed.
2-4 bottle’s Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce
Pkg of stick butter or margarine
Ranch dressing if you like for dipping

Cut the wings off and discard, save the legs and thighs
Melt in a sauce pan on low heat (careful NOT to boil) 2 cups Franks sauce with 1 stick butter, stirring occasionally so as not to stick. May need to double this, we usually do about 1 ½ batch’s of sauce.
Deep fry legs and thighs on high approx 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Deep frying is a must, baking or frying in a skillet will not be the same. WARNING WARNING WILL ROBINSON! Do not put them in unless completely thawed and pat dry w/a paper towel. Very Bad For Your HairDo!
I make about 2-3 baskets full and then flip them around in a bowl and cover with sauce and throw in a crock pot to keep warm as I continue to make the rest.
It takes a few hours to get them all deep fried but its well worth it. Better then any hot wings we’ve ever had.
A word of warning, teenage boys eat about 15 at a time…
Trece, thanks for sharing... both recipes sound AWESOME!!

I have a chicken wing recipe that I should post also... not hot wings like yours, but spicy with lots of different flavors happening. Soon as I get it together, I'll post it...
I know it's asking a lot, but any chance of some pics?
I'm making Chili Rellenos Sat night and will take pic's of every step and post them. My next batch of hot wings will be for Labor Day, I'll take pic's and post them as well.

Thanks for the recipe posts!
I'm having a bunch of folks over Labor Day weekend camp out on my property. Will give them a shot of your recipes.

God Bless your Marine!

2 large family pkgâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s of chicken wings, completely thawed.
2-4 bottleâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce
Pkg of stick butter or margarine
Ranch dressing if you like for dipping

Cut the wings off and discard, save the legs and thighs
I am the first to admit that some times, I am a coupla bricks shy of a full load. But, this doesn't make sense to me?
Terry, I believe she means to cut the tips of the wings off an save the other two sections. I was also confused. Both recipes sound great. Thank you for posting them!
Save the Wingette and the Drummette and discard the Wing "Tip" (Upper Left of Pic)


PS: Thank You all for sending your Blessings to my son, I have told him......he leaves in a week so I'm doing my best to get as much home cooking/smoking in him before he leaves :) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.