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Rec Tec RT700 question

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by DoubleBull, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. DoubleBull

    DoubleBull Fire Starter

    I am in the proccess of trying to decide between Rec Tec 700 and Yoder YS640 and today I run into a thread on this forum or another that indicates that the heat diffuser is prone to warping on newer models. Can anyone speak to this?
  2. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Which one? The Yoder or the Rec Tec? A google search using the words "warped diffuser" and following or preceding that with either Yoder YS640 or Rec Tec will yield results describing instances of warped diffusers in both of them.

    I even found the same thing, an instance of a warped diffuser, using the word "MAK" in conjunction with warped diffuser during a google search.
  3. DoubleBull

    DoubleBull Fire Starter

    I was talking about Rec Tec...apoligies. I stumbled on a thread on a different site referencing this problem by more than a few. Since reading your post Slowmo I did google Yoder warped diffuser and see this is also an issue for some Yoder owners as well. I suppose that nothing is perfect but at around $2000 plus one might feel entitled to not endure much in the way of substandard material or faulty design.
  4. If you're just gonna spend the money regardless, the Yoder has a extra heavy duty vibe about it. If you just wanna cook, I think the Rec Tec is way better bang for the buck in value. Both will do a great job in the right hands. It's only a few hundred bucks, if you know you're gonna use it, get the one you want. No point in having any regrets.
    It's hard to ignore the Rec Tec reputation on service. Someone on here last week had an auger problem, so Rec just had a whole new grill shipped out to him. As reluctant as I am to start sippin the kool-aid, that is very impressive and clearly steers me into that direction on my next pellet grill.
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  5. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    I damaged the lid on my Rec Tec Stampede using a pad which was too abrasive.

    You could not even see the abrasive damage unless under light which would hit it just right, but it bugged me.

    Imagine a large upside down Nike swoosh across the black enameled lid, which would appear to be dull against the background of the rest of the clear coated and enameled lid. When the sun hit that lid just right, it looked downright awful and was a constant reminder of my "cleaning and maintenance" screw up in a near new grill.

    I had since bought a second Stampede and gifted it. But still, the abrasions on my own lid bugged me. Even more at that point

    Finally, I had seen enough. Even if it could only be seen in light which hit it just right, that abrasion still bugged me. I called up Rec Tec, credit card in hand to order a new lid.

    Told them who I was, gave them my account information and before I could even ask how much a new Stampede lid was going to cost me, they said; "OK a new lid is on it's way to you. Should be there in a few days."

    Now granted, I was the one at fault here. But because I had done previous business with them, had bought not one, but two Stampede grills from them, had bought 3 additional shelves from them, pellets, covers, etc, they saw what I had already purchased over the last few months, and both them and I knew that I'd be back. They also knew that I would tell this story every chance I got.

    How many others would have told me to go pound sand before asking me for my credit card numbers if I wanted a new lid?

    So that new lid, that they gave me for "free", well at the end of the day, it looks good for their company and they'll likely get reimbursed for it, if not by me, well another owner when he decides to by his next grill or grill related item.

    They stand behind their products, and they treat their customers like family.

    When they couldn't fix that guy's auger problem that you talked about above, and just gave him a brand new grill, it was no surprise to me at all.
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  6. DoubleBull

    DoubleBull Fire Starter

    I am just worried I guess about how common a issue this is with either unit, how disappointed I might be with either unit if first rattle out of the box at smoking temps and the diffuser warps. I would expect to have to deal with this if buying the el cheapo big box store pellet smoker but not with the more expensive units. I "want" the big sexy Yoder on that comp cart for the great unwashed to drool over in my driveway (the old ego needs some strokin) at a elevated price point to match. Vanity is expensive! My practical side says the tried and true more affordable Rec Tec will cook as well as the Yoder and leave coin in my pocket for smoke tubes and down drafts and such.

    Speaking about down drafts...are they an asset or gimmick?
  7. Little-m

    Little-m Smoke Blower

    Does anyone know if Rec Tec builds their own products or are they made in China? Just curious...
  8. oonighttrain

    oonighttrain Smoke Blower

    i looked at numerous pellet smokers before buying the yoder ys640s.. one reason i ruled out the rec tec is because the height inside the grill from the cooking grate to the top is only 10" tall..
  9. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    I don't use down drafts, so I can't speak to them. But when you mentioned "coin in your pocket", as a result of the price difference, well, of course that extra coin will allow for the purchase of meat as well.

    Rec Tec grills and several others are made in China to the company's specs.

    That said, we hear a lot about "American Made" in the descriptions of some of the other products out there.

    I seriously doubt that any of them is 100% "American made" down to the last circuit board or circuit board component in it's controller. Down to the last wire, down to the last washer.

    Just about any product with electronics in it that I can name, will have foreign parts in it somewhere.
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  10. NU2SMOKE

    NU2SMOKE Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Hey @SlowmotionQue maybe I should tell him about my Rec Tec experiences....He will be a believer for sure...LOL

    In short I got a grill that was crushed in the shipment....no fault to Rec Tec. They could have waited to file the claim with the shipper but they didnt....I had a party scheduled for the forth of july and ordered 3 weeks prior....the first one was delivered the friday before the forth crushed. They managed to not only send me a new one but got it to me in 72 hours!!! IN TIME FOR MY PARTY!!
    That is customer service.
    I can assure you that out of all of the "reports"of warped diffusers....none of them is causing an issue myself included! I would not have even known about it if somebody didnt say anything and I have seen ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE in the way the heat is dispersed or in the way the grill cooks!

    Last but definitely not least...there is an entire forum with some of the greatest guys and gals on there who are all there at your beck and call to help with any issue you have. Me included!!

    If this doesnt convince you well I hope you the very best in whatever pit you decide on...I am in love with my Rec Tec!
  11. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Still plenty enough to stack full packer briskets and pork butts on top of one another with the second grate.

    If the original poster is interested, he can check the following links.

    He can scroll down a little bit when he checks them.

    He'll be looking for briskets and pork shoulders. Whatever he decides on, Yoder or Rec Tec he can't go wrong, and I wish him the best of luck.

    rec tec bull brisket second shelf

    rec tec bull brisket second shelf

    rec tec bull brisket second shelf
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  12. Little-m

    Little-m Smoke Blower

    Of course. Pricing for replacement parts made in China would be so much cheaper, hence the immediate door replacement for a cosmetic scuff made by another poster in this thread. Case in point, I had to get a new controller for my PB. A new one was shipped out and they didn't want the faulty one back. This tells me they are acquiring them for only a few bucks and it wouldn't be worth their time to repair the faulty ones.
  13. DoubleBull

    DoubleBull Fire Starter

    Yes, I noticed that myself, but reasoned with price difference I might be able to live with it being I am keeping my large WSM for certain applications.
  14. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    I'm actually the poster whose door was replaced

    Yes, I agree with you.

    Perhaps it's also why Grilla grills switched their manufacturing to China.


    Apparently, Memphis grills is also headed to China too for production. You can do a google search using those words, Memphis Grills headed to china, for more information on that subject.
  15. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Funny you mention the 22.5in WSM, as I own one of those too and for just the reason you allude to. If I should get in a situation where I should need extra grilling or smoking space.
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  16. Little-m

    Little-m Smoke Blower

    Yeah, kind of unfortunate. I've dealt with numerous Chinese firms, purchasing product for my business and it is always the same: First shipment is great, then it goes downhill from there. It is clear these firm's margins are so good they can put up with the duds they receive.
  17. DoubleBull

    DoubleBull Fire Starter

    I think that this alleviates some of my anxiety over the rec tec. Just a matter now of being practical and saving coin on a cooker that should "I think" should perform as well as the sexier and more expensive Yoder or saying to heck with it and "ya only live once old boy" and buy the Yoder eye candy (and it does occur to me that after I do a few cooks it ain't going to be that pretty anymore) that is built in my old home state. Since money does not grow on trees in my yard I believe common sense will overrule vanity. Maybe. lol
  18. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Well Doublebull, you're in the catbird's seat.

    You simply cannot go wrong with either choice.

    You've already done two things right.

    1. You've eliminated the big box store and chain hardware store offerings. Manufacturers which will screw you first chance they get, first problem you have.

    That's if you can get through to them when you attempt to contact them.

    2. You've recognized that your WSM is a very valuable cooker in it's own right and there is no reason why it should not be in your plans, and a part of your armamentarium for your backyard cooking needs.

    It has no doubt, earned it's spot on your patio. I own 2 WSMs, an 18in and a 22in and I know their value and versatility.

    Now it's time for the third move. Your choice as to which of the two pellet grills to purchase.

    I mentioned this before, you can't go wrong between the two that you have narrowed your options down to. But price for what you get, warranty, customer support are going to be difficult to beat if you're looking at the Rec Tec. There aren't very many owners of pellet grill companies who are going to give you their personal cell phone numbers.

    To top it off, Rec Tec has a 30 day return policy.

    This appears on their site: "If you are not fully satisfied with your REC TEC, just return the grill within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price."

    And they have a 6 year warranty on that Rec Tec Bull that you are considering. Shipping is included in the price and you can buy direct from them.

    Bear in mind that any other recommendations that you get, first thing I'd recommend you do, is look at those two things. The warranty period, is it 6 yrs? And the return policy.
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  19. NU2SMOKE

    NU2SMOKE Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    They do... although I dont think there has been anybody who has used it!! Thats what I was told when I spoke to Rec Tec before I purchased mine!
  20. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    30 days, no questions asked?

    Here's what it says on the Grilla site:

    "....We accept the return of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship for 30 days from the date of purchase..."

    I don't have time, nor desire to get into a discussion or a potential argument with someone who sold me something as to whether that something is "defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship"

    If I'm dissatisfied, I simply want my money back. I don't need any "discussions" and "back and forth". I'll send them their merchandise back and I expect to get my money back in 30 days if that is the stipulated time frame for me to indicate my dissatisfaction.

    That is all.

    How about a 6 year warranty? How many of the others makes that you looked at had that?
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