Ran out of casings for summer sausage - ideas of what to make with 4 lbs. leftover, ready to stuff??

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Feb 17, 2014
Torrington Wyoming
That's what happened today. I live in the boonies and don't have immediate access to more casings. I just wrapped and ziplocked it and put in the freezer for overnight. Any suggestions on what to do with it? I've considered jerky, but there is 40% pork from country style ribs in there, so a fair amount of pork fat. Could some kind of caseless sticks be made with the stuffer?  I imagine I could keep it frozen until I'm equipped with casings again, but asking for ideas.... Cure is mixed in. 

There's a guy on here that makes only ceaseless snack sticks I have made loaves siliar to meat loaf. Place on wire racks and they turn out fine don't look as fancy but taste fine just watch your heat good luck
Do them caseless from the stuffer. Works fine...JJ
Sometimes I forget what a little creative searching turns up on here. Thanks for the replies!  After reviewing a number of threads, I figured why not?  So I pulled the bag from the freezer and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The cure should have had a good chance to do it's thing by then. So I rolled the mix and compacted it into three logs about 2" in diameter and 10" long, sprayed the MES rack with cooking spray, then put them lengthwise on the bottom MES rack slot. Just fit under the hanging summer sausage. After two hours smoking in 125 oven temp, the bottom side looked great, so I turned them over.

Raising oven temp to 140 now, expecting a couple more hours there at least.

I will be raising the oven temp to 180 or so after reaching 125 IT, and pull them and the cased sausage when internal temp hits 152. Since these don't have casings, I might just put them in the freezer for the quick cool down.  Pictures and results to follow!

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Actually once you froze the meat, time had basically stopped so I would have ordered some casings and when they arrived, thawed, stuffed and smoked like normal.  I would let it sit overnight in the fridge before freezing to make sure the cure had done it's job though.
Thanks all. Dward51, I actually pulled it from the freezer and put back in the fridge. In the morning, I fired up the smoker and started the cased ones which I had dried overnight. Made 2" logs out of the mix and put them on the bottom rack all with the same low temp, gradually increase temp process used for the cased sausage. Turned the logs once to distribute markings and exterior look. Pulled them at 152 IT, put in ziplocs with the air pulled out, and put them in an ice bath to cool quickly.

Wow! Why stuff and mess with casings at all!!??  These are really good, and smokier than the cased ones. The cased ones are great for sure, but we like these logs even more.

Well wally you beat me to my suggestion.

I was going to say you can do a summer sausage "fatty".  Fatties are ground meat (usually sausage) that is rolled flat, filled with veggies, cheese, and whatever you want, rolled, then usually wrapped in bacon and smoked.  That would have been a good use.

I was also going to suggest you fry it in a skillet like burger meat and then add sauce for some amazing sloppy joe-like sandwich dishes.  I do this when my father and his buddies attempt to make summer sausage.  They never get it right but for them its more of a retired guy get together than an act of creating good summer sausage.  Theirs always crumbles so it is great for sloppy joe-like sandwiches and is actually really awesome when done this way hahahah.  I use bbq sauce to make bbq sloppys with their crumble sausage.

You can form into patties and grill for something that tastes like a hot dog/burger hybrid.  I do it sometimes with my leftover frank sausage and snack stick meat.

Finally, I was going to suggest you simply bag it and use it when you need a little extra sausage kick for dishes like spaghetti sauce, taco meat, soups, and beans.

As for ground jerky, I think the fat content is way too high.  I do ground meat jerky and snack sticks, and going over 12% fat content makes greasier jerky that takes a bit more baby sitting then I care for with my ground jerky and sticks.

Oh one last thing, if you get some silicon mats you you should have no problem doing summer sausage logs or a loaf without the worry of the meat falling through the racks.  I have 5 of the mats and use them in my MES40 on like every smoke.  It makes life easier and cleaning a little simpler since you can wash in the machine and stuff washes off very easily.  Never fear of anything like wings falling through the bars of the rack!

Anyhow I hope this gives some ideas and I look forward to hearing more about your sausage adventures!
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