Rainy day ribs!

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Smoke Blower
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Apr 16, 2016
Just tossed a rack of baby backs on the smoker. Doing the 2-2-1 method. Hit them with some Meat Church The Gospel as the main rub with a touch of their Honey Hog and Voodoo rubs to compliment it. Post more pictures later. I'm going to do smoke some beef short ribs and cook some risotto for dinner tomorrow.


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Nice looking prep.
I'm doing babybacks today too. Mine are sprayed with Mirin, a drop of honey rubbed on each half rack and some modified Hunky GPR rubbed on. I'll paint some Braswells Honey Habanero on the finish. I use the 2-1.5-45 method on baby backs and when they are foiled I fold it so their feet stay wet. Moisture wicks up through the marrow.

It's sunny here. We could use the rain. Hooray for pig parts.
Mine are vertical for the first part. Strawberry banana sounds interesting. I just put the 2nd rub on. Kamado's heating up now.

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Up and in. This is kind of fun remote babybacks. :) Wonder if anyone else is doing ribs today.
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Mine are still wrapped for a little bit. I added a touch of bourbon to the trough water just for fun.
Figure they'll be finished about 6
Dang those look good. Nice job.

Point for sure
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