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Pork shoulder for sausage question


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Hello all,
I have a question, last Sunday I was going to make some sausage, I had and shoulder thawed, deboned and cut up. I then realized I had no idea where my grinder and stuffer were (i recently had a flooded basement and everything got boxed up). Yeah, I should have thought of that first.

So I had no choice but to re-freeze the cut-up meet until I can find my gear.

Here is the question, can I still use this meat to make sausage? I know you are not supposed to re-freeze meat but I had to.

Thanks in advance.



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As long as you used safe defrosting techniques and kept things sanitary, there shouldn't be a problem. Texture can be affected from refreezing, but I'd worry about that more for cooking whole cuts, not for grinding.


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It should be fine, unless the meat was allowed to sit at room temp for a couple of hours while you searched for the grinder.

I refreeze cut-up and/or ground meat for sausages all the time.
Sometimes it is because I can’t get to the grinding or stuffing that same day.
Other times, it is by design. For example, if I’m emulsifying the meat: it’s grind and re-freeze several times.

Since the meat is already cut up, let it partly thaw when you’re ready to grind it. you’ll find that is cuts into cubes, and grinds up really nice.


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I agree with the above, won't be a problem


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Thanks, guys this is what I was thinking as well. The meat was never allowed to sit for very long and all safety precautions were followed. The counter was sanitized, Cutting board was sanitized, Knife was sanitized and I wore gloves.

Now to find the damn grinder and stuffer.

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