Pork shoulder for pulled pork

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  1. I am a rookie to smoking so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been doing a lot of research on here and have already used one of the rubs. I put the rub on and let in sit in the fridge overnight and now have it in the smoker at 235 degrees. The question I have is about spritzing and foiling. I have a Smoken It #1 so there is no water pan so do I just open the door and squirt on some orange juice as Chef Jimmy J suggested or how do I go about spritzing or is it even needed? Secondly do I foil it at around 165 IT and put it back in the smoker or is the oven fine until it reaches 195 IT? I do have a finishing sauce in mind that Chef Jimmy J also posted and it sounds awesome. I only have a cell phone for a camera so I dont know how i can get the pics onto the site.  I am not really that computer advanced to know that stuff.
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    The answer is, there are many ways to do it. Spritz or no spritz, it's a question of style. Neither approach will ruin the meat. But as a general rule, SHUT THE DOOR and don't lose the heat from the cooking chamber.
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    I have done pork shoulders both spritzing and not.  Honestly I don't think I've noticed a difference in moisture.  A pork shoulder will be really moist when cooked right.  If anything, I thought spritzing helped the bark form by keeping the exterior moist.  But as far as interior moisture, the spritzing won't make a difference IMO and just from my  experience.

    As Bluewhisper said, spritzing too much means that you're opening the door a lot and losing cook time.  I loose about 5 minutes of cook time each time I open the door - sometimes longer depending on how long the door is open.  Some claim you lose 10-15 minutes if you open.
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    Leave the door closed - pork butts got so much fat inside them they will stay nice and moist without any spritzing or what not.
  5. Hello and welcome from East Texas, you got some good advice

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