Pork Ribs

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Aug 29, 2016
Fargo, ND
I'm planning smoking some pork ribs for the game on Sunday and in the past I've adheared to the 3-2-1 method.  it has always done well but i'm looking to try something new. Any other sugestions that I can try out? 
275°F about 4 hours or to desired tenderness. They won't fall off the bone but will be tender and pull away from the bone...JJ
I am with Chef!  I cook most of my ribs at 275ish these days.  My family likes a little more on the brink of fall off the bone so I usually do 3 hours on the smoker, 1 hour in foil and they are pretty much where we want them. Sometimes they need a little more time but thats ok.  Usually brush with some sauce and let the bark firm up a bit on the smoker.
I'm with Chef Jimmy all the way. I smoke my ribs around 275* with no foil. I think no foil gives them a better color and finish. I get a slight tug and they're not mushy.
Check your ribs for the "bend". If you hold them about 1/3 of the length with tongs the remainder should drop to almost 90*. With no foil and 260-275*, this should be approximately 4 hours for spares or 3 hours for baby backs. If you sauce/glaze them twice at 15 minutes each time, they should be right with a slight tug. They won't actually cook much more because of the temp drop when you open the door, just enough heat to set the sauce/glaze.

If you don't get enough bend the first time, give them another 30 minutes.
Thanks Joe,  I never knew about "the bend".  I'll have to check to see if my vertical smoker will hold a full rack of ribs.  Usually I have to cut them in half or thirds depending on how many I am doing at one time.  Do you guys use rib racks?  I usually just lay them on the existing racks and flip them once during the smoking process.
I have used a rack in the past, but would rather not. If you need the room, roll the whole rack and stick it with a couple of big toothpicks to hold it together. A rack would be OK, but I might want to flip them after a couple of hours. I lay mine on the grate, meat side up, and at the higher temp, I never flip them.
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