pork loin

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Jan 5, 2006
Big Bear Ca
i have a 10 lb pork loin, i plan to smoke this for about 10 hours, a guy told me to put some arichoke with that. cut in half and laid around. I love the sound of this but will the vegi last this long of a smoke?
Uh Robert-any particular reason for smoking the loin for 10 hours? I ask this because the loin is a tender piece of meat. Prolonged exposure to heat will dry it out and make it tough.

Get the internal temp to 160 deg. and you'll be good to go. I do loins quite often and with the smoker set to 230 deg. they are usually up to temp in 4-5 hours.
thank you for the advice,I am new at this and have destroyed plenty of good meat by cooking to long,(hehe). 4 hours sounds better for the arty's as well
the pork was pretty good, had to finish is the oven(could not get over 140 internal) with temp outside in the low 20's could not keep the cooking camber where i needed to. as for the artichokes well they are better in the steam( or boil which ever) the taste was ok but the texure was awlfull very stringy and chewy i will not try that again
I am fairly new to smoking am thinking of doing a pork loin. Does anyone have a recipe or I deas for stuffing it then smoking??????/ :)
Thanks, Scott-
Joebrat-If you want a Major "WOW" factor-serve my Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin to your guests-They'll think they're eating in a 5 star restaurant. Another great loin recipe is my Mahogany Glazed Pork Loin-this one isn't stuffed but it is crowd pleaser too.
I'm doing for butts tomorrow for pulled pork sammiches. Ice has the right idea, "Let the pigs beware"

"Here piggy, piggy piggy" :twisted:
Here's a loin idea I do every once in a while and is really good.

Season a loin with salt, pepper and maybe a little garlic, cook to 140+, Wrap in foil along with a 1/2# package of sliced mushrooms and a generous spritzing of apple juice. Cook another couple of hours in the foil (usually to 180). I know this seems over done for a loin, but it begins to become fall apart tender at this point.

Carefully open the foil and reserve the juices. Allow to rest, slice or chunk as you best you can and serve along with the mushrooms and juices.

Makes great sandwiches with a nice slice of swiss or other cheese. Very much like a pork version of a mushroom swiss burger.

You sure know how to make a grown man cry...I might have another washed out weekend here..I can almost taste those sandwiches now...I have all the things ready for cajunsmoker's corn bread..and earl's baked beans...a rack of ribs all rubbed and in the refer now...just hope the weatherman will be wrong for tomorrow...going to do it anyway...

Hey Vulcan,

I pulled you up on my weather radar and it looks like at 7.30pm CT you are all clear to cook BBQ. Tomorrow looks like it may be hard to cook. You may need to do an all night smoke. :idea: If your want to smoke meat don't let the weather stop you. :D

Do those ribs on the 3 2 1 and get the beans cooked and you can do the cornbread in the oven tomorrow :!:
Hello Cajun

It's 9.30 pm here now and the rain continues...things will have to wait till tomorrow...if need be...I have a large picnic table umbrella I can set up safely over the smoker to get things done...my wife likes her corn bread and is anxious to try your's... will give you the verdict tomorrow..

Cool Vulcan, The weather really looks like crap there for tomorrow. I hope everything comes out good. I bet your wife will like the cornbread. The only question in that cornbread is how sweet do you want it. Other than that it is perfect.
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