Pork loin with a lot of stress

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Oct 4, 2016
Decatur, IL
I did my first smoke tonight on my new WSM 14.5". Kroger had half boneless pork loin on sale, so I bought one and brined it in an apple juice brine (I forgot "before" pics).

I didn't think it was going to work out because, almost 45 minutes into getting the WSM ready, I had constant white smoke with a bitter, acrid smell.

But, a smidge over two hours after lighting charcoal (with minion method, using KBB and hickory chunks with temps in upper 50's, I finally had TBS. I had given up and ended up putting pork in oven so I could eat tonight. I took half out (I had to cut in half so it would fit with probe therm) and put it on smoker.

All in all it turned out good. I just have to figure out how to light it and get it burning correctly.

Fire management has a learning curve. Get some chix legs, on sale, and use them for practice. They are more forgiving and no hungry folks waiting on dinner...JJ
Just mix some wood chunks in with the charcoal & start the fire with 8-10 lit briquettes.

Try not to dump the lit ones right on a wood chunk.

You may get a little white smoke for the first 20 minutes or so, then it should thin out.

This is a photo of my 22.5, but the principal is the same.

It will take a couple of times to get it right.

But the WSM is pretty easy to operate!

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