Pork Loin Question

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Original poster
Mar 17, 2007
Peculiar, MO
Hey Everybody, I have some questions, I am pulling my first all night smoke fest for Easter, right now I'm doing a brisket but my question is for the Tenderloin, it is about 4 1/2lbs nd was wondering about smoking time and final internal temp I have not put it in yet, I was thinking about 1hr - 1 1/2 per pound but wanted to know for sure, and if anybody says its easy to pull an all nighter, boy are they wrong, after 2 pots of coffee and a 1 1/2 bags of Doritos and a ton of Easter Candy I'm ready for bed, but any info would be great thanks.

Good morning Henry,

Are you still up? Your cooking time sounds about right, but a lot depends on the temperature...cooking temperature...I would suggest you get yourself a digital thermometer....the internal temperature of the meat itself is what you want to watch....Good Luck and Happy Easter...

You really need a meat thermom. As Swalker said, internal temp is most important on a tenderloin. When I do them I take them to internal temp of about 160*(thats medium). Cover w/foil and let rest and temp will rise another 5*(about). I've even pulled it off at about 155* for a final of 160*, but we tend to like our meat more towards the well done area. It's not the same as beef, or chicken. Needs to cook to a certain temp to be safe to eat.

Good luck!

PS- A remote dig thermom is a great gift for the ones you smoke for. Not just for you and your smoke'n, but you will better know exactly what the temp of the food is and can help greatly. Great investment!
Thanks Guys, I have well 4 Taylor digital thermos, I have one in the brisket now, its at 158 degrees now, but I was kinda wondering about time, because people will be arriving around 4 this afternoon, and wanted to get a round about time so I know when to put it in, this is only my 4th smoke of my life, My first was a brisket, then another and a turkey breast, everyone loved them so much, they told everyone in the familiy and everyone is coming over for Easter, so thanks guys......
Henry I'm doing a 10lb tenderloin this morning myself. I usually run 230-240* on the smoker, pull it at 155* wrap it up and let set for 1 hour. It normally takes about 4 hrs on the smoker to reach the 155 mark.
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