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Pork Butt Eye Roast.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bagbeard, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. just wondering if anyone else has cooked a butt eye roast. i have a church function that i will be cooking pulled pork for.  there will be 100-120 people and i was asking my butcher for boston butt.  he recommended the butt eye they prepare.  it is the best two muscles from the whole shoulder tied into a roast.  he suggested less waste and more ease when pulling. these roasts run around 5-6 lbs.  i plan on cooking about 30-35 lbs of meat.

    i was also reading a few posts on keeping the cooked meat.  i will definately do this because i am going to have to do 2-3 sessions. is three days in fridge to much before reheat and serve?  i get meat on Tuesday afternoon and will be serving saturday at 11am. first smoking session starts the tuesday evening.

    im a little nervous because i just started smoking meat in may this year and kinda got talked into doing this function. i will be using both my weber kettle set up for low and slow(serpentine charcoal placement) and my cheap offset smoker.

    any advice welcome

    thanks , Happy Smoke!
  2. Bagbeard I can understand your nervousness but you're gonna do fine.  Just think of your pit as an outdoor oven.  If it can cook in an oven it can cook on a pit.  I have never heard of a butt eye roast but they are changing the names of pork cuts so that's probably not so earth shattering.

    I am a bit concerned your butcher is trying to sell you something that may cost more than a regular pork butt.  The good news is pork butt is a very forgiving cut.  Spikes and dips won't affect the outcome as much as some other foods.  One of the reasons for this IMHO is all the fat marbled in.  If your butcher is trimming that fat out you may not get the intended results.  Maybe a cpl other folks will come along that have experience with this roast and can confirm/deny my concerns.

    I believe if you cook your meat in three sessions like you intend, you can let the meat cool and vacuum seal it, or zip lock bag it and push all the air out, and it will refrigerate fine for several days with no ill effect.  You can reheat it in a slow oven, a crock pot, boiling water, etc. You may be interested in a finishing sauce to reheat.

    Also, I recommend a chaffing dish, steam table, cambro, heating pad or some other way to keep the pulled pork above 140*F while serving.
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  3. Thanks Bama

    My butcher says the cut is very marbled and you get less waste.  not sure how much more a lb it is.  Butcher says it is also easier to pull than a butt.  no glands, connective tissues etc. 

    there is no real fat cap though and the roast is more dense than a butt.

    anyone else have input??
  4. anbody have any idea how long it takes to reheat .  should i pull it when still hot and then into fridge or put in whole piece of meat then pull later.