Roast Beef. Cold smoke then SousVide

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Jun 17, 2014
I'd consider my self an experimenter not a smoking or sous vide expert. My sous vide eye roast turns out great with eye roast and beefy onion soup mix. I also like smoked round roasts.

Been thinking I'd really love to make some roast beef lunch meat. My thoughts are 3 hours or so of cold smoke < 100 degrees. Then 20 hours in the 131 sousvide. Finishing with a quick flame thrown sear.

How can I do this and keep the process safe?
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Technically there is no way. You have to clear 140F within 4 hours for food safety. You are running in the 130’s. That said as long you don’t inject you can roll with it for personal use.
I have a few threads on doing deli style roast beef .
This one uses Sirloin and the SV . Shows the time and temp I used .
This was for a knife and fork meal , but could be sliced thin .

This was just smoked , no SV . I always do it a day ahead for sandwiches , then slice cold and reheat .
Ive done venison roasts at 450 in oven type environment
15 min
lower temp to 250 till 135 internal
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