porcelain coated vs plated steel vs stainless steel grate for smoker/grill ?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 1, 2021
so which is better for smoking/grilling ?
which is more durable ?
for my use it will be used on a oklahoma joes bronco barrel smoker .
i don't want to invest in a cast iron grate yet .
thanks , Jeff
All I can say is dont do plated, the plating will flake off way too soon. If it were me, Id go porcelian
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I'd go with stainless. No rust. Drop a porcelain grate and you could chip the coating. Plating can flake over time (a long time). Just my 2 cents worth.
i was surprised the weber is plated steel .
the OJ bronco is porcelain coated .
trying to find a inexpensive SS round 18 incher but no luck yet .
so far the OJ looks to be the best option for this cheap bass turd .
thanks folks . i'm just gonna get the weber and invest in cast iron or stainless steel later if the weber rust or i a find a great sale .
thanks again , jeff
the porcelain grate that came with the bronco cleaned much easier and is made with much thicker wire than the weber grate ..... live and learn .
My preference for grates are SS, porcelain, and then plated followed by bare cast iron. I rank aluminum there with SS.
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