Playoff "Pork Feast"

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May 20, 2010
Crestview, Florida
Had some friends over for the games yesterday,So i fired up Ribzilla and made a feast!

I got some pics along the way

this is what we had


potatoes & onions

Spare Ribs, that were so tender i couldn't get them out of the foil! Oh well,there were no complaints :)

Mac & Cheese, I guess me and Les had the same idea,Yours looked Great, btw


Smoked cabbage


I guess i missed some pics of the rice & brocolli fattie

but i did get one of the orange stuffed yard-bird

I got a pic of one of the to-go plates

we had a great time and great food

thanks for checkin' out our feast!
Looks fabulous!!!

To go plates???  That looks like a buffet to go!!

I LOVE smoked cabbage.  I would have just taken that whole thing to go

Ribs look great too, really like fall off the bone and those fit the bill
Looks like an awesome feast!!!!
Awesome Feast Rap !!!!

That little guy certainly looks like he enjoyed it!

I like to know the whole process (prep, time, temp, etc) on that Bacon wrapped smoked cabbage---That looks freakin' Great!

Thanks for the kind words my friends,

Yeah, the little guy in the last pic is Nicholas, My neighbors Grandson. He loves ribs and mac&cheese, Not real fond of cabbage! lol

Speaking of cabbage,

I cut the stalk off the bottom so it would sit in the pan without rolling around, then washed in cold water.

While it was still wet from the bath i dusted with cbp,and kosher salt. Covered with a small bacon weave,placed in pan with 1 cup water and smoked for about 3hrs.

The smoker was running 225º-235º

During the last hour of the 3hr smoke i smoked an onion, then threw it in with the cabbage, added more water and foiled.

Continued smoking 1-2hrs until it was tender. Cook time will vary depending on size.

I love cabbage, but this was the best yet!
nice smoke..... bbq sauce on your boys face would have been priceless................
Nice job Raptor! Everything looked really good!

You perked my interest with the rice & broccoli fattie. Sounds interesting! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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