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Pizza stone recommendations?

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I’ve used an old pampered chef one for years. I recently bought a Old Stone Pizza Stone brand. It works great as well.


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You might want to check these guys out, steel not stone. I owned a pizza shop in a previous life and swear by a good stone oven but I've been watching these for a while for home use and really considering it.


I have a couple no names at home and a Pampered Chef one that was a gift. I've had that one to 550 and had no problems but I'm still thinking the steel one is in my future one day.

I have two of the Baking Steels and have never looked back!

Take my advice. . .Stop wasting your money on pizza stones and buy one of these. You can use it for multiple tasks. Making Pizza in the oven or on a grill, baking breads of all kinds, and it can also be used as a griddle. And it will never crack!

Initial cost is made up by not ever having to replace it.


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I have a cordierite rectangular stone that I use quite a bit. It has gone to 650 On my grill and it works well. My only problem is that it tends to produce a burnt odor when using indoors. Even when I scrape really clean. Anyone have any hints or tricks to get rid of the smell? I have also been thinking of a steel. I bake a lot on my stone now and my 13 inch cast iron too.
Well, I used to have a pizza stone.........

After about 4 years of pretty good use, my stone met its demise last week at the hands of my daughter. I can't say that I was all that upset, and she's only 17 and it was an accident. I can now get me a steel, like I have been wanting for some time now, but just couldn't justify since I had a stone.

Like it is said "in the end, it all works out after all".....


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Pizza stones are great if pampered.

Various precautions need to be taken with them.
  • Must be completely dry
  • Cannot drop cold pizza sauce on them when cooking pizzas.
  • Must be handled carefully.
  • Expensive
  • Etc.
We have had our stone for about 12 years now, it lives on the side shelf of the gas grill when not in use, I think it came from Christmas tree shops, something like $10. I don't baby it, but do put it in the grill right after I light it to come up to temp. When it finally dies I will just buy another cheapy or cut a hunk of plate stainless at work. Steel is ok if you buy a fancy one with a coating, I work with stainless and would go that route over rusty steel.

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